To the Editor,

Good morning, boys and girls, Mr.knowitall is here to help you as best I can. One more time. Let us get started..Since I am nearly eighty-eight years of age, it stands to reason that I have been through a lot Some good, and some not so much. Have of you-all ever had an experience that kinda makes you stop and think that maybe you have had some one or something try to tell you something? If so, stop an listen just for a minute. Let me explain. One night about forty five years ago, My wife grabbed me, and whispered to me that an intruder was breaking into our house. I got out of bed,grabbed my double barrel twelve gauge shotgun of the wall. I had it loaded with double oo buckshot. I tore out to the girls bedroom. I peeped around the door, and sure enough, I could see a dark outline of the intruder. I pulled the hammers back, and took careful aim to kill the intruder. I was beginning to squeeze the trigger. The intruder had only seconds to live. As i began to apply more pressure to my trigger finger, "something" said DON'T DO IT. I kept my trigger finger ready, and moved toward the light switch, I flipped the switch on and heard the most blood-curdling scream I have ever heard in my entire life".My God daddy, don't shoot, It's me,*****. I just fell in a chair, and I wept I think we all did. Well, that taught me a lot. It taught me all life is also taught me that you cannot love your family too much.What am i supposed to advise you on? Just slow down a little,be more content with what God has blessed you, and your family with.

David Nance, Waxahachie