Do you ever look around you and just feel... stuck? There can come times in our lives when we realize that we are in a place not of our making.

Don’t be mistaken, life in general is you being in a place of YOUR making — choices you made and consequences of those choices. But occasionally you will find yourself roped in and stuck in a place you didn’t set out to be, and it wasn’t of your doing.

These are the times when you have to remember that God is bigger than your burdens.

What difference can God make in these times?

God is hope. God is the grace and hope that tomorrow can be a better day. Grace changes everything. God has already won the fight and our lives here are not going to be free of troubles. We live in a world born of sin and each day that pot of sin-ly nature stirs up drama.

On what do you base the hope of your future? If it isn’t on God and the promise of redemption and forever life, than on what is it based?

Do you give of yourself and hope to bank those good deeds for prospects? Sadly, that is not a reality. Good deeds will not advance you in the kingdom of God, nor will it provide you an afterlife.

Some of the most amazing people I have ever known weren’t believers in Christ, they didn’t believe that he came to die on the cross for our sins and rose three days later for our salvation. So what are they?

They are simply people. I believe we are not good by nature — look at children as they growt, hey are greedy and will constantly test the boundaries of rules, because that is reality. Children will see how far they can push and whether their lies will gratify their outcomes. Adults are no different.

Ephesians 2:8 reminds us that “by grace we are saved” and nothing we can do upon this earth is worthy of the Lord. Romans 3:10 tells us clearly that “there is none righteous, not one.”

We are told that even if we do good deeds every hour of our lives, it’s not enough to earn our way into the heavens of the Lord; we will always fall short of the glory.

The Bible tells us exactly how to live in accordance of God’s love. We are to acknowledge that Christ was born of a virgin and lived among us as a human without sin.

Think on that, Christ lived among us without sin. He never committed a sin, and in his 30s he came into his inheritance and gifts from God — he preached the gossip among the people and laid clear the path to everlasting life.

He and he alone was the way to the Father.

We do good deeds to honor the love that our Father has for us. The fruit of our love for the Father comes through the Spirit which is love for our neighbor, kindness towards others, gentleness, self-control and goodness says Galatians 5:22-23.

So in the midst of our lives — where we get up and race the clock, raise kids and work hard for checks that don’t stretch far enough — we are called to remember that we do it for God’s glory. We live in a world of sin and drama where everything can and will go wrong because that is life on Earth, but we are not of this Earth, we are children of the Lord.

When you awake, give glory to the Lord for the day that he’s given you. When you send your kids off to school or daycare, give glory that the Lord has blessed you with progeny. At your desk, be thankful for the income and career that sustains your home and loved ones. We each play our part, and yet one day we will all stand before the throne for judgment. In your heart, know that your future is secure because you have answered the call upon your heart, you opened the door when the Lord knocked.

Life is hard. Work towards the end goal of everlasting life and God’s love and glory.