After growing up in the restaurant industry, two siblings are opening their own Mexican restaurant in Midlothian.

Eddie and Christina Gonzalez are bringing authentic Mexican food with an outdoor feel inspired by their parents’ roots. Mezcal Cantina and Grill is tentatively planned to open in early February.

Eddie and Christina’s parents run Los Tapatios in Waxahachie, Desoto, and Cedar Hill. Before the duo decided to go their own route, Eddie was the manager of the Desoto location while Christina studied nursing in Mexico. Community residents encouraged the siblings to open a restaurant.

“We just want to do something that’s our own because it is different from our parent’s restaurant,” Eddie said. “I guess we wanted to branch out and do something that we’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because we were working for our parents.”

When they saw the location was available in the small shopping center on the edge of Midlothian and Waxahachie, Eddie knew this was their time to dive into the restaurant business.

They jumped into the project without a name in mind, but it came quickly. Mezcal Cantina and Grill is named after the popular Mexican plant, mezcal.

“We were going off ideas of what we grew up with,” Christina said. “Our parents are from Mexico, but we were born in the states. They are from the state of Jalisco where there’s a lot of tequila and agave plants, so we wanted to incorporate that in the name.”

The menu will provide several traditional but modern Tex-Mex dishes as well as some authentic Mexican food like carnitas, posole, menudo, and mole. Dishes are inspired by food made in Jalisco and Oaxaca.

Eddie said the number one selling entrée would be the molcajete, “which is a really hot rock and we put all these meats on top with cheese, cactus, carne asada, chicken, shrimp, sausage all together.” This is served with rice and charro beans, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole.

The restaurant will provide a lunch and dinner menu with a total of about 30 plates. The siblings even purchased a guacamole cart in Mexico, in order to serve the highest quality of guacamole. There will also be a full bar with Midlothian-themed margaritas and cocktails.

Christina said not only their food and environment would make them stand out, but most importantly, the service.

“I think from what I’ve learned from my parents and from actually living in Mexico, they are really strong on hospitality, so that’s what we really want to make ourselves stand out by feeling welcomed when they come here to eat and have a good time,” Christina said.

The entire presence of the restaurant is inspired by Mexico as all of the art hanging on the walls and ceiling originated from there. Light-up metal stars hang from the ceiling while agave plants light the ledge separating the bar from the dining area. Pictures of workers in agave fields in the state of Jalisco line the windows in the dining area.

The Gonzalez siblings are excited to share their taste of Mexico with the people in their own backyard.

Mezcal Cantina and Grill is located at 4470 E. U.S. 287 in Midlothian.