The older we get the more tarnished the face in the mirror looking back at us becomes. Maybe because of age, because of choices it has made, or because the eyes looking at it aren’t seeing as clearly as they once did.

On the literal side of the age factor and the eyes weakening; that is just a fact of life and something we all must deal with. There will be days we wake up and look at that reflection and go “Well, heck, not too bad today old friend!” But, then there are days that we wake up and say, “Oh my, maybe, we should just start over!”

Not too long ago I was watching an award show, and one of the most gorgeous young actresses was walking the red carpet; with a stunning gown on, and a gorgeous figure. But of course, the only facet of her entire ensemble the media could focus on was the one blemish she had on her entire face.

And we wonder why, as a society we have such self-esteem issues. When one young actress, who is also a top model graces the red carpet, has a single blemish on her face, and that is all the world can focus on. Seriously? Maybe her hormones were acting up. Maybe she ate a piece of chocolate the night before. Maybe she slept with her hand on her face and it created to much oil on her skin. Who cares! She is a young gorgeous person. Let’s talk about the person she is on the inside.

Is she kind? Did she kick a small child on her way into to that red-carpet event? Did she help a kitten out of a burning building? Let’s focus on who she really is, not the fact she has a blemish on her face.

But you know that reflection can go the other direction too. You can have an attractive person and they can have perfectly clear skin, eat healthy, workout, do everything right; and by all intended purposes, “appear” to be a good, attractive person. But their soul has a track record that is never ending.

But my favorite thing about those kind of people, are typically they are the ones posting on social media that they don’t care what people think; or people need to live their own lives; or live your life the way you want.

How about just be a good person in general, make the right decisions, don’t hurt other people, or don’t be ugly to others. And then that way you don’t have to post quotes on social media justifying your actions or decisions. Just do the right thing from the start, that way there is no reason to be ashamed of that reflection staring back at you in the mirror.

So, either way, sometimes that reflection may get a little older, or we may find a blemish or two on it; but it is what is on the inside that counts. And if the outside is what matters the most to you, then maybe the inside needs to have a little of its own “reflection” time.