They are meant to be used as a warning device to the people around you, so other drivers have an idea as to what you are preparing to do.

Most people are not mindreaders, so it helps us out when we get a "heads up" as to which way your vehicle if preparing to move. It is also the law which states you much give at least a 100-foot signal when preparing to turn or change lanes (readers digest version). You also need to signal when preparing to move from a parked position.

Please make sure that just because someone does signal, you don't take for granted the driver actually does as he or she is signaling.

There is an old saying which states, “Don't put your life in the trust of someone else's blinker". Signaling is also some indication drivers are paying attention to what they are doing while operating a vehicle. Many of the drivers we observe not using their signals are distracted drivers (eating, texting, talking, etc.). Please pay attention to everyone around you and use those signals.

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