To the Editor,

The weekly Opinion section is one I appreciate. Usually, I will respond to the writer via their email, but since none printed today, I will do so to this local paper. First, Ms. Anderson wrote, "Be Proud." Her article said a lot. To add further, a s***hole word, or "f" bomb, or even the "n" word, these disguised letters are words that have fallen into the black hole of our "cultured" society. Like Trump, born in NY, language is colorful and used in everyday language. Having driven school buses, twenty yrs, in Tx. ISDs. These abbreviated letters are often heard as descriptive adjectives and even terms of endearment among the young and sometimes adults. So, the overblown drama of Rep. Corrie Booker and the ultra media reports were boring to me. A wise person said "It's not what you say, but rather HOW you say it." Language should be to the point, and not politically disguised and drawn out like Obama often spoke. You can publicly avoid curse words or derogative phrases and still speak ill-will.

Next, Ms. Rivenbark's column, "I feel Trump's pain, but..." She tried to be clever in her sarcasm in her attempt to paint POTUS as a bumbling fool.

She failed, because he represented most Americans, by standing for us, in public, and saluting America, and not openly berating our country.

And like Trump, to quote Celia, "we are normal Americans (who might slurr a lyric or two,) and we have no psychological problems or mental impairments of any kind," (unless you believe patriotism is a disease.) Do you think she cringed when Trump's annual exam, physical and cognitive tests were declared EXCELLENT!

Lastly, Kent Bush's article, expounding all about TRUTH, contained a statement I heard for the second time this week. First by Jan Williams, of FOX's, the FIVE, stated, "Trump has told more than 2,000 verifiable lies in one year in office."

OK...start naming these "true lies'" to substantiate them. Anti-trumpers never do. The highlight this week was The Top Ten Fake News Awards, Best Awards I have enjoyed...backed up with REAL facts and how the journalists were reprimanded in public for doing so.

I love America, the land of free speech...some speak the truth with pride...others just have a need to be heard and choose to gossip.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie