To the Editor,

10 years ago my 19-year-old granddaughter was killed by a drunk driver on FM 66 in a head-on collision on her side of the road. On the first anniversary of her death, some friends of ours purchased a cross with her name on it. My daughter called TxDot and received authorization to place it at the accident site. We placed it on the road side of the fence which we assumed was state property as we have seen other crosses similarly placed. Shortly after placing the cross beside the road my daughter noticed that the cross had disappeared and we started making some inquiries. We had no trouble finding that the property was owned by Ms. Shani Flemins, an attorney. My daughter then called Ms. Flemins who said that the cross was on her property so she removed it and threw it on a pile with some trash. She stated that the property is hers, the state only has an easement and the state did not have the authority to allow us to place the cross there. She made the lame excuse that she did not know who the cross belonged to. As an attorney, she surely knew that all she had to do was to call the highway patrol office and they could have told her. She could not be bothered to even make an inquiry and she refused to allow us to place the cross there.

In my opinion, anyone who is so heartless, callous and uncaring that she does not have enough room in her heart or on her property for a roadside cross does not deserve to be elected to any public office, especially as a judge.

David P. Fearis III, M.D., Waxahachie