To the Editor,

Now is the time. More than ever. For the past ten years we have been a represented by Joe Barton in the U.S. House of Representatives. By playing the party card well, he stayed in the game, as he had since 1984. Yet the personal indiscretions in his private life caused his support to abandon him. As it should have.

Now we have an opportunity to elect someone that represents us and our common decency as we should be represented. A person that exudes a personal integrity worthy of representing the Sixth district. A fellow citizen that listens to what is being said by us whether they may not want to hear it or expects us only to listen to them. A candidate whose content of character is as important to them as that of our own. Someone who will shoot straight with our interests and wellbeing, that they will hold in sanctity. One who will realize that the duty we place before them is paramount to their self interests. A Texan as proud in being one of us as we will be having them represent our voices in Washington D.C.. That is Jake Ellzey.

We do not need just another Joe. We do not need an anti-Joe. What we do need is an effective, no nonsense, fresh voice in a stagnant swamp of, at best, mediocrity. Someone who will stand out. And above. We need someone that has paid his dues, proven their patriotism and has shown their mettle and ability to stay the mission to completion. And one who knows your name by seeing your face, not by only reading it at the bottom of your campaign contribution.

That is Jake Ellzey. He is genuine. The real deal. And he is more than deserving of your vote for the U.S.House Sixth District. It's time we stand for ourselves once again. Jake will do that for us in Congress. Please vote for Jake Ellzey.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie