Hampton Walker is a Midlothian High School graduate who has given up his skills with baseball to pursue a successful career as a rapper. The 2013 grad has opened shows for well-known artists and played for crowds of hundreds of people.

Even though Walker has taken a step in the fast lane, the talented man is on a mission to finish his degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. He plans to graduate in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. However, in the past year, he has surprisingly found himself more involved in the field of making his own music.

“Hopefully, I will be a full-time musician by the time I walk the stage next May 2019. If that’s the case, I will move wherever I need to go to continue my pursuit of a solid music career. I’m still figuring out what I want to do with my degree after graduation, so I’m sure I’ll have a more concrete answer next year,” Walker said.


The Walker family (dad, mom, and younger sister Jaylon) moved from Mansfield to Ovilla in 2010. Walker was a sophomore when he first entered Midlothian ISD. Though he didn’t feel he garnered much attention while he was a student at MHS, he did enjoy playing high school baseball for the Panthers and was also voted the “Best Smile” of his senior class.

With a grin that could turn heads, Walker was also a model for the DMG Agency in Dallas for a year during his time in high school.

“My modeling career didn’t take-off as I had wanted. Frankly, I was only sent on a few casting calls, but still, I had a ton of professional photos taken by pros. It certainly was a great experience for me anyway,” Walker admitted.

Before graduation, Walker was awarded a baseball scholarship to Ranger Junior College. However, his dream of playing college ball evaporated, as he only played for a short time before giving it up for music — his first passion.


Walker explained how he found his way into the world of music by teaching himself how to play the guitar at the age of 13. From there, he started to discover more musical outlets and picked up singing.

“I didn’t think that I was that good, but my parents would always make me perform for company. Though I hated it, in the beginning, I ended up loving the art of performing,” Walker recalled.

But he didn’t start rapping until his senior year in high school. He claims he fell in love with the artistry immediately.

“After gaining some notoriety, I was performing at parties and clubs in Dallas,” Walker said. “I was also still playing baseball at the time, but music started to take the number-one spot in my heart. After going to college on a baseball scholarship, I was promised a record deal and gave up baseball for good. At this stage in my life, I felt I had to chase my dreams in music. This was really the beginning of the life that I am now living.”


Hampton Lamar Walker began to go by his first and middle name once he started making music. But back home everyone knows him as Hampton Walker, whereas in Mississippi, he’s known by his stage name “Hampton Lamar.”

“Finally my dreams of becoming a musician have begun to materialize,” he expressed. “Getting my music onto Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services have been great.”

Walker expressed how fortunate he is to live in an era where music can travel all around the world. He shared how his music has been played in Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium and more places around the world.

One former MHS 2012 graduate remembers Walker very well from high school. Kaylee (Hullett) Manis relayed, “Hampton is a great guy with a great future ahead of him. I already have a couple of his songs downloaded onto my playlist, and I like his music a lot.”

As Walker pursues his music, he’s noticed doors opening in his new career. He has opened for B.o.B and even played at a music festival in Mississippi called Eaglepalooza with 1,600 people in the crowd.

“I am still working on being the headliner, but I am appreciating every ounce of success that God has blessed me with,” Walker gleamed.


Not only does Walker enjoy performing music, but he also is passionate about writing and recording music. He will even mix it up playing the guitar or piano. Also, he likes to just listen to music, analyzing the intricacies of how it was made. Besides music, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, pool, video games, trying out new coffee shops and going to the movies.

When asked who his mentor has been, he quickly replied, “I don’t know if this is cliché or not, but I would definitely have to say that my father (Darrell Walker) is my mentor. This is something that has naturally manifested itself over time. Now that I am older, I am excited to get into these talks that teach me more about this life.”

“It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that I pulled from my dad’s teachings, directly and indirectly, on a daily basis,” he added. “My father has always been such a strong person, and I would always find myself asking myself, ‘How would my dad handle this situation?’ I’d say he’s my mentor because I have always looked up to him. His values are golden, and I feel lucky to have his blueprint to work off.”

Hampton is proud of his college success — academically. Walker put those who underestimate him aside and bragged on making the Dean’s List twice. He’s currently on the Dean’s List after earning a 3.75 GPA hoping to achieve the academic honor for the third time.

At the end of the day, when Walker reflects on his letdowns and new successes, he owes everything he has to God.