Last Saturday, Faye Stoval celebrated her 103rd birthday at Midlothian Healthcare Center with family and friends.

“We had the biggest party you’ve ever seen, and we just had a ball and a big ol’ pretty cake, drinks and had fun,” gleamed Stoval, who is the oldest resident.

"I can't believe I'm that old. That's old," Stoval joked.

Stoval had a pink-themed birthday party with a large sheet cake, boas, music, and family. Her bedroom is still covered with balloons, flowers, chocolates, and presents.

She was born on March 24, 1915, in Truscott, Texas, but the majority of her life she’s lived well in Midlothian. She recalled what the land looked like back in the day, saying it was "just a very small place when I moved out here and now it's almost a city." But she likes the change.

“I had a good life, and I’ve had children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. They are so good to me. Just every single one of them is so sweet to me, and they all come by — a lot of people here don’t have anybody to come by and see them,” Stoval explained.

After all of these years, Stoval claims her long lasting healthy life is because she never drank alcohol or smoked tobacco. Instead, she kept herself plenty busy dancing. Stoval claims to have been a real honky-tonk woman back in her hay day, even recalling trips to Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth when she was a little younger.

She shared her favorite memory of her life so far was the birth of her grandson, Chuck, who is now in his 50s. He’s named after his father, Charles. Next to Stoval’s bed is a photo of her grandson and his wife.

Stoval is a retired beautician based in Dallas and laughed out loud when asked how long she’s been out of work. Activities director for Midlothian Healthcare Center, Laure Bareford, said she still puts on her make-up and does her own hair.

“Ms. Stoval is very busy. She plays bingo,”Bareford elaborated. “She loves parties, and she dresses properly for the event. She puts on her own make-up and lipstick. She’s a delight to take care of.”

“She has a fantastic personality,” Bareford added. “For me, she has fantastic character, and I think that’s instilled in her from a young age she knew how to treat people, and that’s what she continues to do.”

Bareford has assisted Stoval for the past two years and learned from her the importance of the golden rule. “It’s all about how you treat people she tells me. She tells me you just make sure you treat others the way you want to be treated.”