City council members tabled a decision on a proposal to update the city’s logo and branding materials on Tuesday. The recommendation from Holmes Millet will be brought back to the council in 60 days.

The city’s current logo and branding have been in place for the past 13 years and feature the tagline of “DFW’s Southern Star.” This rebranding idea was brought to the council because the city hopes to create signage using the logo as an entry point into the city.

Jeff Millet, a Holmes Millet representative, told the council the city’s current logo and the tagline is in need of an update. He noted the current branding gives people the wrong impression of what Midlothian is about and its direction.

“People have felt that ‘DFW’s Southern Star’ feels like something from a cement company and something that would not get the job done. It is old and out of date,” Millet said. “The tagline I have heard from businesses is that it needs to involve the community.”

Millett stated its bid of $9,075 would include the designs for such items as letterheads, business cards, vehicle wraps, and signs. It would also include a rulebook on how the new brand is maintained going forward.

He noted that when businesses make changes in branding through several phases.

Mayor Pro Tem T.J. Henley stated, in his experience, that most people don’t even know what a city’s tagline is and the branding associated with it. He suggested removing the tagline and evaluating the change to the logo for the next two years instead of spending funds on the project.

Council member Mike Rodgers shared Henley’s feeling about the proposed change to the city’s identity.

“When I go to other towns to shop or visit I don’t know of other town’s logo and taglines,” Rodgers said. “I would rather that money go into promoting events that will bring people here.”

In other business the council,

• Approved a resolution authorizing the Midlothian Market to be held every Saturday from May 5- Oct. 13 in downtown Midlothian.

• Approved a resolution authorizing the Spring Trash Bash hosted by Keep Midlothian Beautiful for April 14.

• Approved a resolution authorizing the Heroes of Midlothian 5K event hosted by the Heroes of Midlothian Foundation for May 19.

• Approved a resolution authorizing the acceptance of a TxDOT Aviation grant for the construction of security fencing at Mid-Way Regional Airport.

• Approved a resolution amending the city’s code of ordinances by amending the health and sanitation section to establish regulations or on-site sewage facilities.

• Approved an ordinance amending the city’s standard construction details.

• Approved an agreement with Restroom Facilities, Ltd. Of Marble Falls to purchase a prefabricated restroom for the dog park for $104,847.

• Approved the request to purchase six Chevrolet Tahoes from Johnson Grayson Automotive dba Holiday Chevrolet for a total price of $384,000

• Approved the purchase of 2 Chevrolet Tahoes from Johnson-Grayson Automotive dba Holiday Chevrolet for a total of $128,000.

• Receive a presentation from Mark McLiney of SAMCO Capital Market, Inc. on outlining the bond issuance strategy for fire, street, and park projects.

• Discussed a proposed amendment to the use table in the zoning ordinance regarding definitions, regarding food pantry boxes.

• Discussed the proposed text amendment to the zoning ordinance on signs and regulations.