She offices from a bus, touring the country and even Dubai. That is just the life of Midlothian High School graduate Amanda Perkins, who travels with Feld Entertainment as the wardrobe supervisor eight to 11 months out of the year.

She is currently touring with the production, “Disney on Ice presents Dare to Dream.”

At first, being on the road was the least appealing aspect of her profession. But she has managed to create a family out of the 110 co-workers she tours with and finds the best places to eat in the towns she passes through.

“This is my fourth tour. I was only going to do one year and then only three years and the next year is five, so I don’t think I’m going anywhere,” Perkins laughed.

There are perks to her travels, though. Each stop along a tour is not always comprised of the most significant cities, but mostly small towns that no one ever seeks to vacation at. She specifically pointed out a small restaurant in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, called Scotts By Dam.

“We go there every time. The owners are there all the time, and they have tacos,” Perkins elaborated. “I’ve been to a lot of smaller cities across the country, which I found a lot of great things that I wasn’t expecting.”

But then, there are exotic destinations like Dubai that she visited two months ago. She was there for about a month.

“This was an absolute life-changing amazing experience especially, for a girl from little Midlothian. It was a big trip for me,” she emphasized.

The primary responsibility of head-of-wardrobe is making sure all of the 250 costumes and 1,000 costume pieces are ready for the show and maintain the integrity of the Disney characters. She handles repairs and sets up and tears down the dressing room and wardrobe areas. She was sure thankful to have an assistant.

She noted costumes get tricky after they have been exposed to the ice.

She said the stressful job is balanced out with fun, and “I like a challenge.” But on those nights when things are a little rough, takes a minute to go front of the stage and enjoy the production.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to bring a show that I love so much to so many locations,” Perkins stated. “But you know, everyone has bad days, and when I do, I go out and watch our final number, which is all of the princesses interacting with all of the little kids. It gets you in that warm fuzzy place.”

This week is the first time the tour made a stop in Dallas. She said the closest the show gets is Allen. She’s currently staying at her parent’s house in Midlothian. Even though home is far away and she misses some family events, her boyfriend travels with her, and she’s always keeping up with family.

“Being home with your family is always special but being gone a lot makes the moments more special. I’ve missed a lot of family events, and it’s hard, but you make it work,” Perkins stressed.

She finds her passion for wardrobe within the minute challenges she faces on a daily basis. Imagine creating a costume that will fit nine different people and to make costumes last for years.

“Part of my job is pure magic,” Perkins gleamed.

The 2007 Midlothian High School graduate attended the University of North Texas and graduated in December of 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts. She was involved in high school theatre and continued her passion early at the collegiate level.

The costume class was mandatory, so she decided to knock it out early and get it out of the way. She had never even threaded a needle before. “I loved it and never looked back,” she said.

Perkins is currently staying with her parents in Midlothian while Disney on Ice shows April 4 — 8 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.


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