To learn more about the female mind, body, spirit, and community in Ellis County, CORE Live is the place to be tomorrow.

Julie Sides, the owner of The Fountains Venue, is hosting the female-led event. Sides is also a member of C.O.R.E, which stands for cultivating open real empowered women.

The genuine, interactive discussions will include four speakers and a question and answer panel, which consist of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce President Sandy King, owner of The Vault Smokehouse Money Salmon, and district judge Cindy Ermatinger.

The hour panel discussion will have each panelist speak for 15 minutes about how they have reached goals in life and their careers. The women will elaborate on situations where other women positively and negatively influenced them.

The floor will then open for discussion.

King said some key points she plans to project include thinking positive.

“My main focus is always the power of positive thinking and how it can change your life. I hope to inspire others to take hold of their circumstances and turn them into lessons and opportunities for success,” King elaborated.

King pointed out that even though women serve in substantial roles, there is one area where females seem to be failing, and that’s women supporting women.

“We are guilty too often of tearing each other down or leaving each other to fend for themselves instead of being supportive and inspiring each other," King emphasized. "It is heartwarming to see so many women recognize this need and step up participate in this event."

Another panelist, Salmon, expressed the importance of events like this where women to come together, not to be anti-male or extreme feminists, but to highlight being a woman period.

"I feel like we live in a time where we say, 'I am woman, hear me rawer,' and I think it’s more of 'I am woman, and I embrace that,'" Salmon iterated. “I want to show and remind you that it’s okay to own a business and have to go home an do a load of laundry and cook a meal for your family. It’s totally okay. It’s okay to be exhausted one day and be on top of the world the next."

Also scheduled to speak is a life coach, Tricia Green, another member of C.O.R.E. Her segment will focus on the "mind" aspect. Her bit is titled, “Stop judging her.”

“I think as women we are our own worst enemy so whether that is individually or as a group — I think we all struggle with that intentionally or unintentionally,” Green explained. “So it’s going to be a conversation based on personal narratives and how we project that on to other women.”

Also suiting the “body” theme for women will be Stacey Duenes who owns an online shop, SMD Boutique. She is focusing on how women should style themselves based on body type. Merle Norman representative, Pam Peterson, is buddying up on the body theme, exhibiting a contouring and highlighting demonstration.

Stephanie Schaefer, with Chase Life Wellness, will pinpoint the importance of handling emotions. She is also putting a twist on the theme, "spirit," incorporating oils.

Sides elaborated on the purpose of this event to encourage and build up other women while learning about themselves.

“Women have social clubs, but I want this to be a place where real relationships grow and get to know each other," Sides explained. "And now they will have a friend to call, and the goal each time that it will grow. I want to see it get bigger."

Sides said the timing is just right. She expressed that if women only raise money, or only shop at each other’s businesses they might miss the sincerity behind it. For Sides, “I want there to be another tier of women that want to do all of that and be real.”

To participate in this networking and character building opportunity, visit, https://www.eventbrite.com/e/core-live-tickets-44530435732 to purchase a $40 ticket. Admission includes lunch provided by The Vault Smokehouse and a gift.

Also, $5 of each ticket sale will be contributed to the Waxahachie nonprofit, Believing Restoration is Attainable, also known as BRA. This organization focuses on helping locally widowed and divorced women.

CORE Live will last from 10 a.m. — 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 21 at The Fountains Venue, located at 4241 FM 813 in Waxahachie.


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