After three chambers of commerce teamed up for the Ellis County Fair and Rodeo, the Waxahachie and Midlothian chamber presidents realized a continued partnership could benefit both communities.

With all the organizations do, Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce President Sandy King recognized, “Sometimes burn out can be easy for us. So, to get to come together and utilize our strengths, you get a whole new inspiration, and you just want to do it again. I think that inspiration puts a boost in us.”

On Friday, April 27, the Midlothian and Waxahachie Chambers will unite for a collaborative networking opportunity from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the Courtyard by Marriot in Midlothian.

Chamber members can look forward to more joint-networking events in the future as the presidents hope to host one every six months or, at a minimum, annually.

“We are always trying to offer incentives and benefits for our members, so I think anytime that we open our network circle, it’s beneficial to our members,” King emphasized.

Midlothian Chamber of Commerce President Cammy Jackson said when businesses see the chambers cooperate then companies could be more drawn to join.

Jackson mentioned a dual event is also a great time to meet some unfamiliar business owners.

“Businesses are always looking to increase their customer base,” Jackson said. “My thing is I always say, ‘people don’t do business with business. They do business with people, and they do business with people they know.’ Just having the familiarity goes a long way.”

King said this event is ideal for business owners who want to get associated with a network of others who are connected with the community and are also interested in giving back.

King then emphasized how all chambers are unique in the strengths they provide. So when two chambers collaborate and network together, the businesses get more out of their membership.

The partnership is in the beginning stages, but right now the women are analyzing where the needs are within their members and what events to host to serve the community better.

“Right now we are all linking arms and saying, ‘we are all watching out for each other. However, we can make a difference together,’” King explained.

Jackson piggybacked, “The growth isn’t just coming to Midlothian or just Waxahachie. It’s coming to the entire area, so let's get together and together we can be stronger and make things happen.”

Jackson recalled her chamber days in Desoto, and how the four core chambers connected through the Best Southwest Partnership. It filtered to other area chambers, but Ellis County has different initiatives and issues. The presidents expressed an interest in a possible “287 membership” that would include surrounding chambers.

The presidents are focused on maintaining the quality of life, community-feel, and a stable workforce.

Jackson relayed how the communities in Ellis County are always looking to help and pitch in when they can, but residents are afraid that growth will change that.

With Waxahachie insulated by the smaller towns that are attached to larger cities, King urges that insolation reaches around neighboring towns to keep the small town mentality. “Because the quicker it affects the bordering towns, the quicker it affects Waxahachie,” King emphasized.

For more ways to get involved with the local chamber of commerce, visit their website at http://waxahachiechamber.com/ and https://midlothianchamber.org/.


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