The teachers of Frank Seale work hard every day to make sure us as the students get everything out of every day. They inspire us, make us better, and do their best to relate to us personally. They do so much more than what is asked of them, and they teach more than just a subject.

Frank Seale teachers teach their students life lessons and leave a positive impact on every student. We are Frank Seale Middle School Student Council, and we want to acknowledge our outgoing teachers in the most outgoing way we could think of.

The Frank Seale Middle School Student Council had students in the school tell us how teachers have inspired them and what they will take away from them. We want our teachers to truly understand the impact that they leave and encourage them to keep thriving. We are so thankful for our amazing teachers, and want to give them all a big thank you!

“All the teachers at FSMS always make sure they do their best to help all their students do their best.”

“They all have one goal, and that was to do the best for their students!”

“The thing that I will remember most about my teachers at FSMS is how sweet and kind they were.”

“All of my teachers make an effort to treat me like family. They always try to be good friends with us, and they truly love their students.”

“How kind and generous they are, and that they always know how to make you feel better when you are down.”

“They were the best teachers ever in the world. They always do their best to make me the best and to help me succeed in everything I try.”

“They were all so sweet and easy to talk to about anything, especially when I needed help or advice.”

“Their ability to build relationships with their students and teach accounting to our abilities.”

“I'll always remember that they will always be there for us even though we're a handful sometimes they will support us."

“How loving and caring they are.”

“How nice and supportive they are to me and other students!”

“They always have a way-to-go attitude and always are very cheerful and happy and helpful and are always there when you need them the most.”

“How they care about what you think and want our opinion is in our interests and likes.”

"They are very considerate, caring, and kind! I love them so much!”

"How understanding they are.”

“They are so nice and always put the students before themselves.”

“After I got hurt, they all went out of their way to help me with whatever I needed.”

“I will remember how sweet and kind my teachers were to me and how helpful they were.”

“They are willing to do whatever it takes to help out.”

“I will never forget the grace that they showed me!”

“The dedication they put forward every day!”

“They helped me through my tough times, even when no one else did.”

“They showed me an idea of who I want to be when I grow up, and they taught me life lessons.”