For the third year, RE/MAX in Midlothian is doing their part with the elementary schools to educate students with a hot air balloon presentation.

Bill Broker, a hot air balloon pilot, spoke with the students at Baxter Elementary School bright and early Monday morning.

During the presentation, Broker covered the science behind the hot air balloon rising and descending. He also conducted a question and answer segment. Toward the end of the exhibition, small groups of students observed the balloon up close. At this range, students can feel and see the heat used to elevate the balloon.

When the balloon finally took to the air in front of the students, it was about the height of two school buildings stacked.

A realtor with RE/MAX, Jamie Reid, elaborated on how much the students and teachers enjoy the demonstration.

“They love it. Their faces light up. They get so excited,” Reid said. “Most of them have never seen a hot air balloon that close — even the adults sometimes have no idea how big a hot air balloon actually is. It’s enormous.”

Broker does not let the students get into the basket but allows them to observe up close, touching the basket and railing.

RE/MAX has performed the presentation for all of the elementary schools in Midlothian ISD besides J.R. Irvin due to the lack of space. But, Reid assured they would show the demonstration at the new school next year.

“The teachers can also take photos of their students with the balloon, and we also provide breakfast for the teachers to show our appreciation as well,” Reid elaborated.

Leisha and Steve Crowe are two brokers at the Midlothian RE/MAX office who fund the balloon to come out and the agents all chip in for the program for the food and prizes.

At the end of the demonstration, the students took home their coloring sheets of a hot air balloon and will return their finish products in to see which ones will be hung up in the RE/MAX office. Two winners from each grade and get a $5 gift card to sweet frog.

“The community provides for us, and we want to give back as much as we can,” Reid expressed. “The kids are always excited for us to be out there. They learn hands-on about what it’s like to be involved in the community. It’s such a great tool, and we feel so grateful, and it’s just an awesome feeling.”

Ashley Ford | @aford_news | 469-517-1450