To commemorate 75 years of Boy Scouts in Waxahachie, Troop 232 is inviting all local alumni scouts to join in the celebration.

There is only one problem: they are having trouble finding the alumni.

Nick Taylor, former committee chair for Troop 232, promised the current chair, David Turner, his last action would be planning a stupendous anniversary.

“We’ve got about a dozen people involved in this committee who hold periodic meetings to plan this event,” Taylor elaborated. “Really, all we’ve got is a place, a date and a commitment to make this happen.”

The event will take place from May 25 —26, 2019 at Getzendaner Park and the Chautauqua Theatre. The two memorable days are to celebrate the rich history of all Waxahachie troops, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts and Venture Scouts. Taylor is even strategizing a guest speaker with a status comparable to government official Rex Tillerson, a 1965 Eagle Scout.

Troop 232 was chartered in 1944 and Taylor said quality records only date back 20 years ago. This made it challenging for them to reach out to previous scouts.

“We are starting a year ahead of time. We really want to turn this into a special event for the community,” Taylor emphasized.

The local troops are requesting help from the community to raise awareness, grasp community support for the event and, most importantly, track down alumni.

“Looking back — boy I wish we had better records and they may exist out there,” Taylor expressed. “And the people who have knowledge of what the troop did in the 50s and 60s, they might still be here in the community. If this troop was chartered in 1944, the very youngest members of that troop who created — they may still be here.”

The committee created a Facebook event page and an older Eagle Scout member connected with Troop 232. The committee is also working in KBEC to radio the message. Taylor emphasized how the celebration is not only for members from Troop 232 but all scouts and all troops from Waxahachie.

The committee is also calling for supporters of the scouts over the years and those who were impacted over the 75 years to join. Taylor wants to create a small publication or website to archive the vintage scout paraphernalia brought in by alumni and stories from past supporters and scouts themselves. He is hopeful to complete a roster of previous scout members and iterate how the organization influenced their lives.

“For this troop, a 75th anniversary is a milestone, and we want to celebrate that,” Taylor explained. “I think it would be much more meaningful for the community to go back and celebrate the history for not only troop 232 but all the other troops that used to exist here.”

Since Taylor moved to Waxahachie in 2010, there were four active troops in town. In 2018, that number dwindled down to two troops.

Taylor referenced Troop 232, a group of roughly 50 boys, as a “leadership life laboratory.” He then elaborated on the importance of Boy Scout troops and how they fill the niche in the community and give the youth experiences to grow.

“Frankly, we want to give them opportunities to fail as adolescence as much as possible, so they know how to deal with those failures as adults,” Taylor relayed.

If this event sparks information regarding troops in Waxahachie, Taylor provided four ways to connect with them. He invited Boy Scout alumni to the Richard F. Chapman Scout Cabin on Monday nights at 7 p.m., located on Brown St.

He said alumni and those with information could log onto their website at troop232.org or Facebook event page 75th Anniversary Celebration of Scouting in Waxahachie. Or, the troop can be reached at bsawaxahachie75@gmail.com.

Ashley Ford | @aford_news | 469-517-1450