The Super Sliders food truck in Midlothian is ranked in the top 10 nationally, and, though the food is tasty, the recognition is not for anything edible.

Out of the 800 submissions across the nation, Mobile Cuisine chose Super Sliders to compete in the final round of the most creative graphic design contest.

Now, the voting is up to the people. Vote here: http://bit.ly/2IEBPqa

On May 23, the Midlothian-based truck was in first place with more than 2,500 votes, leading Souped Up from Buffalo, New York — the winner from last year.

The mastermind chef behind the food and the graphic design, Chris Brown, is confident the art is as worthy as his food.

“Ours is different from anything I’ve ever seen – flashy. Like when I’m driving everyone is looking. Some trucks just have a logo,” Chris described.

His wife Carrie added, “Well it is national — Mobile Cuisine is a big deal in the food truck world. The fact that we caught their eye is huge.”

Chris does not call himself an artist, but he did envision and sketch the superhero-themed artwork. Chris and Carrie both play a role in the food truck, and it has become the primary source of income for their household. Chris even closed his furniture repairing business to cook full-time.

“I’m not making as much money now, but there’s potential to get there,” Chris disclosed.

Chris graduated from Red Oak High School in 1993 and served in the U.S. Navy until 1995. He cooked some then but obtained a culinary arts degree from the Art Institute in Dallas. He dabbled in cooking at restaurants but would always spice up dishes already on the menu or would create new items.

Chris prefers not to have a boss and has always aspired entrepreneurialism.


Chris pointed out that food trucks are unique because they serve items that are not found in typical restaurants. He did not want to do barbecue or tacos — he was inspired by another slider truck, but he did not disclose which one it was.

The eight menu items are Chris’ special recipes, down to the secret burger sauce. Folks will not find these dishes anywhere else.

Chris prides his sliders for their fresh, expensive ingredients, all Angus beef, home smoked brisket, and black-labeled chicken. He even batters the chicken on the truck and makes the batter daily — hourly really.

Carrie pointed out that Chris would only cut a couple of tomatoes at a time to ensure freshness for his guests.

Chris claimed he is best known for his smoked brisket slider but said he suggests the buffalo chicken slider to first-timers.

The average cost for a slider, bag of chips and a drink is $12. Also, the Browns have the heart for first responders, as those in uniform receive a 50-percent discount and those off-duty get 15 percent off. This deal applies to active military and veterans.

“We try to make it very clear that even though we love superheroes, they are the real superheroes,” Carrie explained.

The truck travels in Ft. Worth, Arlington, and mostly Ellis County, including to almost every Midlothian event.


The food truck is only two months old.

For the past two years, the Browns prepared full Thanksgiving meals and delivered them to those in their community who were in need. Then, they started a catering business, Catered, to raise funds for a mission trip. Catered eventually evolved into a food truck.

The couple spends six days of the week serving and two days shopping for ingredients, cleaning and meal prepping. The Browns found themselves to fit in the food truck community, which they describe as "friendly."

“That’s the way we are. Anytime we’ve had a business, and we’ve never been real competitive," Chris expressed. "God’s going to be there if we need it, so we help everybody and it’s really cool to know they will do the same for us."

“We like meeting people, talk to them and be with our family while doing it,” Chris added.

The risky move to stop the furniture business and focus on cooking proved to be the right choice for the family.

“It’s been real affirming from the lord how he closed his business that was paying all of our bills; my real estate picked up to supplement where his business was. And, now that the truck is starting to take off, my real estate has kind of slowed down.”

When Carrie saw the votes were more than 2,000, she thought, “We have an amazing community. This is our community that has done this for us; these are our church friends — people that don’t even know us.”

To learn more about Super Sliders, visit their Facebook page or track them down using the food truck app, Roaming Hunger.

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