To the Editor,

t's been over 16 months since I gave public warning of the ridiculous idea of voting for Donald Trump for president of the United Sates. I tried to warn people that would listen to me that it would be disastrous if he became President. You can't put someone who is mentally, morally and treacherous as Trump is as the leader of America. We can't have someone who is an adulterer and associates himself with known pornography smut star. I warned people that there would be one tumultuous scandal after another, and I have been right on.The security risk posed by Trump and his livered lackeys is an attack on all Americans but Trump doesn't seem to see it that way. He seems to feel that filling White House positions with unqualified staff is perfectly fine as is having an unqualified person as the President. America will continue to be ridiculed and made fun of by other countries as long as Trump is president.We must truly question the moral standards and ethics of a person who would support a known and admitted predator of young girls like Roy Moore of Alabama. I also have to question the moral quality, ethics and standards of women who voted for a moral degenerate like Trump. Surely these women can't think that being belittled, disgraces and demoralized is acceptable behavior for the leader of the greatest country in the world. America will continue to have scandal after scandal as long as Trump is in office. Trump is undermining the very fabric that makes America great. Trump and his cabinet members and other members of the Republican party might want to remember the lessons that a lot of us were taught by our parents, grandparents, and learned clergy that according to the scriptures we will go to hell just as fast for lying as we will for stealing. At least in the 2016 election only the Democrat mascot was an ass not the candidate.The worst of Trump is yet to come folks just wait and see,

Mark Crocker, Waxahachie