To the Editor,

I was referred to Shani Flemins back in 2007 and subsequently hired Ms. Flemins to represent me in my divorce. It was not a fun process. My wife and I had been married a long time and had two young children. Shani worked on my case diligently but we were unable to reach a settlement and we were facing a trial in front of the Judge. Shani was open and honest with me about possible outcomes and the risk involved with going to trial.

Knowing the risks and what my spouse was asking for, I decided to go forward. I can honestly say that I was impressed with Shani’s preparation of my case, the sharp questions she asked, her trial skills, and her kindness towards me and my kids. I was so pleased with the Judge’s ruling, in part because of Shani’s cross-examination during the trial. I do not know the other candidates, but I do know Shani Flemins. I know from my own experience, that she is dedicated to her profession, honest and DEFINITELY prepared to be the Judge of the 378th District Court.

Bobby Decker, Waxahachie