Rachel Keener, the valedictorian at Midlothian High School, said her message to the Class of 2018 is to always explore your potential.

Keener was enrolled in Midlothian ISD for the past nine years, and during high school, she was heavily involved in the National Honors Society and the Health Occupations Student Association.

“I would also say to make sure that you do things outside of just academics, whether that's through clubs and organizations, sports, church, or even just a solid friend group,” Keener emphasized.

Looking back on high school, her advice for the class of 2022, academically speaking is to make a whole effort on every single assignment.

“Completing all of your work with legitimate effort can make all the difference,” Keener explained. “Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. I have seen over and over that my teachers have been more than happy to take the time to offer help if you're willing to ask for it.”

During her four years at MHS, Keener learned to “Be thankful for what you have and the people in your life because you might not always have that, and there are other people who don't.”

Keener plans to attend Texas A&M University to double major in biochemistry and statistics, following a pre-med track. After she obtains an undergraduate degree, Keener hopes to enter an MD-PhD dual degree program so she can eventually work in medical research.

“I'm grateful for all of the fantastic teachers I've gotten to know and for the friends I've made and with whom I've grown,” Keener expressed.

After she walks the stage top of her class, Keener is most excited about “pushing forward and keep learning and growing.”

When Keener recalled the past four years at MHS, she believed she made an impact on her classmates whenever she could.

“I like to believe I've done a good job about being open, caring, and helpful,” Keener elaborated. “I've always tried to help people whenever possible, and I hope that has made some other people's lives better or made some classes less stressful.”

And in those memories, she will hold on to quite a few.

“Mostly centered around times spent with fantastic teachers and friends and most of just simple moments in class that could be easily overlooked,” Keener concluded.

The Midlothian High School Class of 2018 walks the commencement stage at 8 p.m. May 31.


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