The Auxiliary Board of Baylor Scott and White Medical Center — Waxahachie convened for its annual meeting to recognize new members and relay updates within the group and hospital.

The newest members are Barbara Lofgreen, Carol Huckaby, Teresa Bright, Marsha Moody, Romah McElroy, Sherry Wright, Hilda Escamilla, Susie Thompson, Sandra Williams and Barbara Cecil Adams.

The auxiliary members that recently changed to Emeritus status were Shirley Hicks, Mary Howard, Sally Kervin, Larry Otterson, Bonnie Phillips, David Stanley, Eva Richardson and Janice Weatherford. The auxiliary board elected Emeritus members. These individuals have over 500 hours of service and five years as auxiliary members and are at least 65 years old. Past presidents are eligible for this status, and there may be exceptions approved by the board.

The installation of new officers included Don Goodenough as president, Billie McCullough as first vice president, Nancy Ross as second vice president, Pat Redding as secretary, Joan Powell as corresponding secretary and Linda Harris as treasurer.

Chris York, president of Baylor Scott and White Medical Center — Waxahachie — kicked off the meeting after an acoustic performance from premier cowboy singer-songwriter, Fletcher Jowers.

York recognized Pat Redding as the volunteer of the year. She has spent two and a half years and over 1,800 hours in the intensive care unit, at the surgery guest services desk, and in the women’s health unit. Redding’s initial intent was to socialize and help the community but wanted to accomplish more.

York shared that he feels the volunteers have set an exceptional example.

July marks the end of the 2017-18, and, during that time, the auxiliary raised $145,700 through popcorn sales, the gift shop, the thrift store and the masquerade jewelry and art sales.

“That’s a tremendous effort on a variety of people’s parts,” York expressed. “That takes leadership, that takes commitment, dedication — a passion for your community and you all do that in a way that I have not seen in another auxiliary in the 26 years I’ve been in healthcare. So thank you from my heart.”

Auxiliary members produced 31,586 hours of volunteer time this past fiscal year. There is also a total of 138 active and 376 Emeritus members.


York then opened the floor for questions.

One member asked about the status of a parking garage. York confirmed $150 million would be necessary to expand parking and office space. He stressed the need to build more professional office spaces and to recruit more specialty staff, which will drive an additional bed tower. But before all of that, additional parking is necessary to complete.

York estimated a timeline of five years to complete these additions and shared that purchasing extra land to add parking rather than build up for a parking garage would be significantly cheaper.

“Hands down, we gotta get more parking. […] I've seen too many times our visitors and patients are circling our parking lot,” York advocated.

One auxiliary member asked if additional specialty services would be available. Other than a catheter lab, a rheumatologist is about to start. Other specialty services such as a urologist and general surgeons with some specialties are currently being considered, but the hospital will continue to expand the variety and depth of services.

York was confident the micro hospital in Midlothian would not affect business at the Waxahachie location. York is not focused on the competition but instead trusts the loyalty of the patients along with the high standards of care the Waxahachie hospital implements.


Linda Harris provided a financial report from June 2017—May 2018 with a total budget of $145,700.28.

The amendments and bylaws were voted on and approved. Sandy Goodenough also discussed the 504 project. The program was named after a patient’s room that received outstanding compassion from volunteers. The short training course focuses on ways to comfort patients.

Tamie Davis discussed the newly, condensed handbook that includes a list of job descriptions, helpful tips, guidelines, HIPAA acknowledgment and a confidentiality and security agreement. The handbooks were distributed after the meeting.

The minutes of the semi-annual meeting in January was approved.

Sue Simmons wrapped up the meeting with the announcement of awards and pins.

If interested in becoming an auxiliary member, applications are located in the gift shop at Baylor Scott and White Medical Center — Waxahachie, located at 2400 Interstate 35. The annual meeting took place July 10 at Farley Street Baptist Church.