To the Editor,

What we really don't need here in It's my page and I'm important and everyone else needs to know my opinion in order to save America land is more condemnations of those critical of * President Trump, or *President Trump himself, either his person or policies. Yes, he is unqualified. He is a fear monger. He is still wearing floaties of his own ignorance in the shallow end of the pool of global politics when the ability to tread deeper waters is required. Or to paint others in opposition with childish talking points. That is beyond the bleeding obvious and any opinion, critical or supportive at this point, will not change anything. The constant criticism from those in opposition as well as attacks from those supporting him has become so redundant that they have no further effect on anything. We are at a stalemate on the field of public opinion.

Let this time be as it is. Sure, it's fubar but you know what, we have been through worse as a country. And will survive this present idiocy and divisiveness to become a country more defined to its core purpose and moving forward to its destiny.

Yet I'm not saying ignoring it will make it go away. But simply by pointing out the worse in someone else, by engaging each other simply as a way to express our hate and false patriotism, from either side, is not exactly showing the best of what we have to offer. And that, more than ever in recent history, is what our country needs now. Act in accordance to what is important to each of us but realize that such actions should reflect a civil discourse worthy to our country. Not as a way to continue the chaos or insult our shared citizenship. Somewhere down the line is a point of concurrence where our opinions will join to serve our country better than our selfish searches for a validation of those opinions.

We are better people than what we are showing. We are Americans. And it's about time we act like it. Regardless of what is illustrated by our so called leaders.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie