Jon Garrett never imagined himself owning his own business, and now he celebrated the opening of his first storefront.

On July 11, Garrett, the owner of Lone Star Events and Tents, cut the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce ribbon to commemorate the accomplishment.

“We want to promote ourselves in Midlothian since we’ve grown and expanded our service areas and doing a lot more,” Garrett explained. “We want people to know that they don’t have to only call or check out the pictures on the website, but they can come in the office and talk to somebody.”

With some college grant money, Garrett invested in two inflatables to make additional cash on the weekends. After reading a couple of books on entrepreneurship, he was inspired to evolve his small business and earn an income from it. He went from a 1,000 square-foot garage bay to three garage bays and recently obtained the addition of a 2,000 square-foot office building.

The new building was ideal to display fabrics, party equipment and table and chair setups.

For the longest time, Garrett focused on renting out inflatables. In 2014, Lone Star Events and Tents was established and advanced into a party rental company. When customers requested more significant events, the tent rental aspect was introduced.

The company provided tents for the first-ever Ellis County Fair and Rodeo travels to the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport often and provides tents for JCPenney.

“We do stages, margarita machines, we have over 1,500 chairs and over 2,500 square-feet of tents,” Garrett elaborated. “So we saw a real need in the area for a company like this. It has enabled us to grow as the area is growing. People don’t need to go to Dallas and pay a big delivery fee.”

The company is located centrally in Waxahachie at 1300 W. Main St.

Garrett then identified the mission of the company and what sets it apart from other rental companies.

“We create total custom events and are not afraid to step outside of the box,” Garrett emphasized. “We’ve done weddings where people have trees in the yard, and we’ll build a whole tent over the top of a tree. We know that was an obstacle and we like the challenge.”

Garrett is a Waxahachie High School graduate and expressed the importance to stay local. “In a community like this it’s growing, but everybody still knows everybody. Word of mouth is important. We found if we do a good job then folks are more likely to tell their friends,” he relayed.

When he reflected on the years, he disclosed his key to success is to “pray about it. If something is not working out or there’s a little indecision, the best way to go is to just pray about it and that God will take care of things.” Also, the staff is significant in the success of the company.

“I would say it comes from the bottom of our company. We won’t hire just anyone. I’ve read a lot of books that talk a lot about training and having the right people,” Garrett relayed.

Growing up, Garrett never imagined owning his own business, and always knew he’d do something different — he then compared himself to a square peg going into a round hole. Once he discovered entrepreneurship, it stuck. He enjoys being part of a special day in someone’s life.

“It’s very fulfilling work,” Garrett expressed.

For more information on Lone Star Events and Tents, log onto www.lonestarrents.com or call 972-872-8774.

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