The Salvation Army of Ellis County is committed to serving the needs of the citizens. Right now, as temperatures outside continue to top 100 degrees, they are helping those who may be struggling to handle the intense heat.

The Salvation Army location in Waxahachie has established a cooling station, located at 620 Farley Street. It is a place where people can find a temporary reprieve from the sun and cool off before going about their day. The staff is offering free cold water, and the facilities have free box fans and cases of water to take home while supplies last.

Salvation Army Lt. Robert Coriston, who oversees the Waxahachie location, shared the box fans are going fast.

"Anyone is welcome to enjoy a break from the Texas sun with refreshment and rest at The Salvation Army," Coriston affirmed.

He added, "If you know of anyone who is particularly struggling with the heat, perhaps a senior or a family in need, please reach out to The Salvation Army at 972-937-7727."

The cooling station will be open from 9 a.m.—4 p.m. and closed from 12—1 p.m. for lunch.

Coriston stated the Salvation Army appreciates the support of the community and stands ready to provide both physical and spiritual help to those in need.

If interested in supporting The Salvation Army of Ellis County, monetary donations can be made at any Salvation Army or go to salvationarmytexas.org.