One Midlothian local, Dr. Kevin Fegan, is in the midst of a transition into a new role the Navarro College District President.

Fegan and his family had resided in Midlothian for the past seven years before he accepted the position with Navarro College, which has required him to relocate within the taxing district — Navarro County. The move was not necessarily easy, either, as both of his daughters both graduated from Midlothian ISD and the family had come to know the community as home.

Fegan also has a unique relationship with the college as all three of his children have experienced a different aspect of the school whether it be through dual credit courses, certificates in paramedic and EMT, and also completing the partnership with Tarleton State University in online and face-to-face classes.

“I’ve had a great deal of experience and knowledge about Navarro before having the opportunity to serve in this role,” Fegan elaborated. “One thing I’ve been able to share with individuals as I talk to them is that I don’t need a script to talk about Navarro College... I have first-hand experience as a parent of children who have attended.”

Other than his children attending the college, another motivating factor in his application at Navarro was an opportunity to work alongside people who have set the foundation on which Fegan works.

“I wouldn’t have left an institution after 32 years unless I had an opportunity where the people were exceptional and outstanding, which they are,” Fegan explained. “The communities we are in are very proud, for the most part, with their relationship with Navarro.”

Before Fegan accepted the journey as a Bulldog, he served at Northwood University — a four-year, private not-for-profit institution focused on business studies. His most recent role was vice president of education and corporate programming. He also worked closely with the Cedar Hill location and the campus in Midland, Michigan.

“So my title at that location, Cedar Hill, was provost,” Fegan explained. “Then it became president, and then as I took on the additional VP opportunities for the whole system, it was a combination of the president of Texas operations — so everything we were doing in the state of Texas — as well as then for the system all of the corporate and executive education.”

Fegan’s roles at Northwood prepared him for his position when he oversees all five counties of campuses with Navarro. At Northwood, Fegan relayed that the curriculum offered was limited, and he is familiar with broadening opportunities. He had to maximize the reach in that particular business market continually. He also had to look at partnerships that might not be a direct opportunity.

Now, transitioning to Navarro, Fegan expressed he is always is looking to see how stakeholders can be better served. Coming from a not-for-profit institution, Fegan is familiar with obtaining alternative resources of revenue. Also with his knowledge of four-year colleges, Fegan is familiar with the next step that most of the Navarro graduates want to achieve.

“I think it allows me to come in and complement what we are already doing. We have a great foundation and base of who we are, how we were founded and the things we are doing,” Fegan expressed. “I don’t need to come in and change that up but what I need to do is come in and compliment that and have us think about additional opportunities. […] And add value with what we are already doing and if we are partnering with businesses and industry, how we maximize their return on their investment in their employees through us.”

At the July meeting of the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce Board, Fegan spoke and shared, “The future of Navarro College resides in this area and [Ellis] county.”

He agreed the growth of Ellis County from a variety of aspects has been tremendous and his goal is to maximize potential. Fegan is set on providing what is best for each county, but the rest are not experiencing significant growth like Ellis County.

“That’s what we are trying to do, educate as many individuals we can within our community and that’s what our communities in Midlothian and Waxahachie should expect from us,” Fegan advocated.

As he had the chance to speak with colleagues and community leaders, Fegan is approaching each district differently based on the opportunities each campus provides.

“I want each of the communities that we’re in, they should be thinking they are the most important community and location campus we have in our system,” Fegan stated. “That’s exactly how I want them thinking because to them and to us, they are. And with my responsibility and our district colleagues responsibility is to ensure them we are maximizing each of those location’s potential within our district vision.”

His responsibilities vary, but his mission is to ensure students, faculty, staff, and community are successful. In relation to the vision, mission, and values of Navarro, Fegan is tasked with providing a narrative to achieve prosperous programs.

Fegan expressed he is primarily interested in hearing the needs of individuals and the community interests instead of coming in and re-establishing the college with independent views and ideas.

“At the core of what I do it’s to be constantly engaged with our stakeholders and hearing about things from their perspective and what they need to be successful,” Fegan emphasized.

Fegan succeeded Dr. Richard Sanchez, who served as district president from 1998 to 2003 and from 2016 until 2018.

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