Midlothian will open its very first hospital by 2020.

Announced by Midlothian Economic Development President Larry Barnett during Tuesday’s evening meeting, the Midlothian City Council approved construction of a Methodist Health System Hospital on a 67-acre tract of land west of U.S. 287 near the Midlothian ISD multi-purpose stadium. Assembly includes one five-story, 190,000-square-foot hospital, and one three-story, 45,000-square-foot medical office building, according to the performance agreement.

Barnett said the medical center is expected to generate about 300 new jobs. Methodist Mansfield Medical Center President John Phillips said that number does not include medical professionals.

“This could be more than 300 staff members because, in any businesses, you have part-time staff-members,” Phillips said. “I think 300 individuals is a very conservative estimate.”

Phillips said 44 beds would be initially available upon the hospital’s opening, with the possibility to expand to more than 80 beds. Barnett said this is a tremendous economic opportunity considering the expected growth Midlothian is anticipating.

“This hospital is close to home for our citizens,” Barnett said. “This project will generate several other economic benefits because of the daytime traffic that a hospital brings.”

Barnett said plans for the hospital could include expanding the hospital’s initial footprint to complementary medical uses, such as outpatient care facilities. A change not included in the agreement is capping permit fees at $400,000, in which the council unanimously approved the amendment.

Phillips said the project is breaking ground this fall and construction will go through to the hospital’s opening in 2020.


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX