Well, the time is upon us…SCHOOL!

I think as moms and parents we put more resolutions on ourselves than we do at New Years.

I will make a well-rounded breakfast for my kid(s) every morning; The lunches will be packed the night before; Backpacks will be packed and waiting by the back door, if not already loaded in the car; The clothes will be laid out the night before; The toothbrush, hair accessories (if they apply), and hygiene appliances will be in place; All notes, projects, etc. will be signed, completed and ready to walk out the door; We will be at school on time, and have no tardies; We (the mom/parents) will be dressed and presentable, and our hair will be combed when dropping our kids off at school. These are our goals when we start a new school year. I feel like the pressure we put on ourselves is worse than our New Year’s resolutions. Every January we tell ourselves we are going to lose weight or start a new workout routine. And that typically lasts about a week to ten days. But when you start a new school year, you have no option but to continue with your resolutions. You must push forward through with your plans of action.

Why? Because your kids and your teachers are depending on you. There are so many different types of moms, and you know who you are, I know who I am that is for sure. Hey, my kids’ school knows who I am:

Up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-Mom: this is the perky mom that gets up at 5 a.m., got her run in. Has returned home, had a shower. Slipped into a clean workout outfit, made the lunches, wakes everyone, heads to the kitchen to make breakfast, and everyone is dressed and out the door in plenty of time with not a single voice raised. And then after drop-off heads to the gym for another workout.

Right-On-Time-Mom: this is the mom that gets out of bed, reads or does a daily devotional while enjoying a few moments of silence in her house. Wakes everyone kindly. Goes to make breakfast and lunches. Gets everyone to the car and school on time with a smile.

Early-morning-corporate-Mom: this mom gets up at the crack of dawn rattling cages, making sure the entire neighborhood can hear her. Everyone is up and fending for themselves. The milk and bowls are on the counter. She is in getting ready herself. She screams a five-minute warning from her bathroom as she throws on her last bit of mascara. Backdoor slams closed, she hopes all children are accounted for, and the car tires screech out of the driveway.

The Snooze-Button-Mom: this mom is typically a night owl from the evening before, either due to TV or school work, or whatever the case may be. But she is in no mood to get up. On the third snooze, she panics…flies out of bed, runs from room to room getting everyone up, grabs a granola bar for everyone to eat in the car, slops the same sandwich together they’ve had all week for lunch because it’s easy. She is still in her PJs with mascara trailing down her face, the teen is humiliated to be dropped at school with his mother looking like this, backpacks are half zipped, luckily shoes are still in the car from the day before, if not people would be going to school barefoot, and out of the driveway they tear…with a minute to spare before the tardy bell (sometimes).

But as the school year progresses, the preparedness for the year subsides. The organized pantry becomes disheveled. The backpack cubbies become heaped with unnecessary papers. The backdoor is littered with muddy shoes, and the thoughts of a once organized car and house flew out the window back in early September, and its only October at this point. So those eight points from earlier have majorly changed in just a short month and a half’s time:

Now they get a granola bar thrown at them or they can eat breakfast at school if they don’t speed it up; They are lucky if they have a lunch, typically they get $5 thrown at them as they leave the car; Now the papers are trailing down the back hallway as we are racing to get in the car every morning, with the backpack half zipped OR the backpack is left on the counter because MOM is supposed to remember to grab everything; Yea, we just don’t even match anymore, or they can grab the clean clothes out of the laundry room because mom hasn’t had time to put anything away lately; Brushing our teeth in the car has become a new trend; Mom driving with her knee and signing permission slips is no surprise, and blow-drying projects with the hair dryer the morning they are due is nothing new; Our report card looks like a bar graph, the bar gets taller and taller as the semester goes on with our tardies increasing (not something mom is proud of); Ha…I now have a special pair of sunglasses to put on to hide the wrinkles and runny mascara, and a special sweatshirt I throw on to make sure I at least look appropriate from the waist up. I just pray I never run out of gas or my car never breaks down on the way to or from school drop-off (the cops may mistake me for a vagrant). So, you see the struggle is real. More real than starting a New Year. School is hard for everyone…teachers, students, administrators, and parents. But we all must stick together and tackle it like champs!


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