To the Editor,

I can't believe it! Words often spoken for profound scandals, family tragedies, unforeseen events, and so forth. Some have lived in a bubble safe environment while others have experienced more than most that life dealt their way. It takes fortitude and strength to face reality for better or worse. Division, injustice, hypocrisy, and negativity are all around us. Be wise and understand the forces, politics, depravity, sometimes religious zealots and fallacies that cause dissension. Test the scales of justice by weighing in verifiable facts, credibilities, and character. Encourage open-dialogue, fact-checking, and analysis. Perhaps, then you may say, "I don't believe it," but at least you'll understand our past, the present, and future before us. Much easier to believe, with more good, than bad, happening and you recognize it and remove negative blinders.

If one or more seek to criticize, berate, promote chaos, and deny dialogue, or don't offer specifics...beware...therein lies the weak, insecure, and rebel rousers. Peace thru strength, globally, locally, emotionally, politically, and by faith, has been an American mantra. The road of life can be bumpy, but if you find the right path, you can stand tall on higher ground and avoid those bumpy roads.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie