I’ve always felt more comfortable around guys, I don’t know why. I’ve always dubbed myself somewhat of a Tomboy. I’ve always been drawn to more male-oriented sports or activities like golf, or hunting, or drinking beer, or cussing.

I think I was a major disappointment to my mother when I wasn’t a debutant. I am more in my element when I am traipsing through the weeds of a lower field during Labor Day Weekend for opening Dove season or bundled up in a deer blind in early November waiting for that perfect shot.

I’ll never forget this summer when one of my best guy friends driving by our boat dock in his boat saw me and I was in the water behind our boat with a pair of channel lock pliers in my mouth going to let the plug out of our boat, just shaking his head. So, to most that was “blah blah blah, pliers, blah blah blah.” But to a boater, you know exactly what I was doing. And to him, he just laughed and said, “Why am I not surprised Sam?”

Well, my Daddy raised me right I guess. He taught me how to mow the yard, he didn’t allow me to drive my car when I was 16 until I knew how to change the tire, and I even took it a step further and asked him to show me how to change the oil on my car as well. Since I was now financially responsible for my gas and my oil changes, I figured I might as well cut down on the cost of labor and do that part myself, and man did I love doing it.

So, yea, I guess I am not your typical girl. I have built fences out at our house for our ducks and geese; I have trimmed our trees, I have painted and stained outdoor furniture, and laid our patios too. I guess I am not one to wait around for a man to do stuff for me. My parents taught me to be very independent and rely on myself, but most of all to not be lazy, and that I am certainly not.

And to a point, it is sort of a bad habit of mine. I sometimes forget I am a girl. I forget that I need help, or that it is okay to rely on my husband to pitch in occasionally. I must remind myself that it is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that he loves me, and he is one heck of a great partner in life. I think I got burned so badly in the past that I became so strong and so independent that I was never going to “need” a man again and therefore I have managed to figure out how to pretty much built, paint, do, or put together everything that has come my way.

But being co-dependent on my wonderful husband isn’t a bad thing, because I know he will never hurt me. We are a team and an awesome one at that. However, I don’t think I will ever be 100% girly. I like who I am, I like the Tomboy that my Daddy raised – the shotgun-toting, field dressing, camo-wearing (and not to look cute), badass feminist that I am. I think God knew what he was doing when he made me a mom of three boys, what do you think?

And I love that one of my guy friends knows that even though my husband will be out of town for Labor Day Weekend, he still confirmed that I would be out with all the guys dove hunting on opening day, because he knows just how much I love it; he knows I love the camaraderie, and he knows I can shoot ‘em just as well as they can. So being one of the guys, with a little mascara thrown on, has it’s advantageous sometimes.


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