To the Editor,

Well it seems that the train carrying the red tent circus led by the clown with the funny hair was heading to set up their tents for an extended engagement in Capitol City. But on the way, a few dropped hairs from the train caught the attention of SPCA. After some analyzing, it was suspected that the hairs came from Russian bears and everyone knows Russian bears arent allowed in Capitol City. So the SPCA appointed an animal specialist to investigate the circus and find out why there was bear hair. And they started to look at every car for evidence of Russian bears.

The clown with the funny hair exclaimed "There is no Russian bears on this train!".

But the investigation turned up that some of the train cars of the other clowns contained other illegally obtained animals. And those clowns started working with the investigation to help their cases because they got caught

"I didn't know about what those clowns had on their train cars. I hardly knew those guys. There are no Russian bears here" said the clown with the funny hair.

The specialist then found evidence of the clown with the funny hair had performed secretly in a couple of shows not in his regular tent and had used money from his regular circus to keep it secret. When asked about this the clown with funny hair said it never happened. Then he said he didnt know about the money. Then he said that it wasn't as bad as what happened in a different circus many years before.

"But no Russian bears. This investigation is fake news and must end now." He said.

One of the other clowns said indeed the clown with the funny hair knew about a meeting with Russian bear trainers at the circus headquarters in New York. The investigators went on to find more bear hair and proof that Russian bears don't use the woods exclusively.

Well because of this, the circus began to lose attendence. So they began to count the same people who always attended twice to inflate the numbers. More of the other clowns started to make sure their cars were disconnected from the train. Pretty soon the clown with funny hair began to feel the heat of the investigation.

"There is no Russian bears. This is just a witch hunt" he said as he sat on his broom.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie