The latest dessert craze in Waxahachie had a line out of its front door opening weekend.

Frost Bite Creamery officially opened its doors to the community Aug. 16. The nine-month-old business originated on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, but the owner, Mitch, wanted to cater to a different demographic.

Waxahachie was the missing ingredient.

“I think it’s a better area and there’s a lot of kids here and is more family oriented,” Mitch emphasized. “Lower Greenville is a bar area with a lot of adults, and this is for kids. That’s why I brought it here, because of the kids.”

Frost Bite Creamery serves fresh, Thai rolled ice cream, according to Mitch.

The ice cream is created on “cold-roll pans” that are set at negative 15 degrees.

“You just pour your milk on there, your mix on there and then mix in whatever you want. It’s handcrafted ice cream,” Mitch explained, as he was careful not to disclose his secret.

The creaminess and overall design set it apart from ice cream that’s scooped from a tub.

“My personal favorite is 'That’s Bananas' — the Nutella and banana — hands down. And, I don’t even like banana,” Mitch shared.

Frost Bite Creamery offers a one-size container that can fit about five to six rolls of ice cream. Mitch couldn’t pinpoint the exact amount of ounces the cup fills but ensured the portion would satisfy a guest.

Before the creamy treat is mastered to completion, the final touches are added with traditional toppings. The garnishes vary from classic candies to cereal. These creative toppings change out over the year as well as the menu items.

A set menu is chalked on the wall, but a customer can customize their ice cream or enjoy plain flavors. The items on the menu vary seasonally and a flavor of the month can be found in the center.

When a customer walks into the shop, he or she might hear some Aerosmith or Led Zeppelin playing, as well. The parlor has an alternative look and vibe that was designed by the owner.

Mitch also relayed how he plans to hire more employees. He then emphasized how rigorous the job is and might not be for everyone.

“I like people with good work ethic because this is not for the faint-hearted. This is like the special forces of ice cream here,” Mitch stressed.

The ideal employee must have a “no quit” attitude. He disclosed that a lot of his staff are actually football players.

During the opening weekend, ice cream artisans served customers until midnight. Mitch relayed the hours are not set in stone just yet because he wants to get a better feel for the community and what hours they prefer to indulge. The Greenville location has later hours, closing from 10 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and weekends. So the later hours may transpire to the new place.

For more information, log onto its website at, https://frost-bite-creamery-dallas.business.site/ and the business can also be found on Facebook. To contact the Waxahachie location, call 214-980-1277 or visit it at 1620 Dallas Highway suite number 100.

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