For the first time in three and a half years, Midlothian Blade and Barber is fully staffed.

Midlothian Blade and Barber has been cutting residents’ hair since 2015. Watching her father cut hair in his barbershop throughout her childhood, owner Meloni Throne said she wanted to bring that same old-school barbershop experience to Midlothian. She noted the community lacked that option at the time.

“I want this to be a wholesome barbershop that grandma can bring their grandkids, that daddies and grandpas can have generational experiences,” Throne said.

Dual-licensed in both barbering and cosmetology, Throne said her barbers are specially trained and licensed for male clients, from classic cuts to smooth fades. Throne said they recently added facial hair and design services as well.

“Men’s grooming is a totally different animal from women’s grooming,” she said. “They cannot use a straight razor. They are not taught the hard lines in the facial hair, the shapes. How do you find that perfect thing for their face? How do you maintain the beard? There’s a different thing that goes on with men’s grooming that is detailed and masculine and presentable.”

Staffed initially with only two barbers, Throne noted the addition of four barbers has really helped the business expand its services.

Lisa Teeple, the only female barber in the shop, has been with Blade and Barber ever since the shop’s opening in 2015 and had over 30 years of barbering experience. Jose Cisneros and Gerardo Villegas have a combined 20 plus years of barbering experience and specialize in men’s grooming, while Raul Ruiz is a Navy Veteran and Throne’s most recent hire.

Then there’s Dino Horton. Not only has he cut hair since 1979, but he is also Blade and Barber’s first Black barber.

“Dino is a licensed instructor in many states,” Throne said. “He’s the one that does the designs. He’s very knowledgeable and experienced.”

Having five barbers tend to the shop throughout the week has helped drastically increase efficiency for the barbershop. Meloni’s husband, Daryl, said some people used to peek in and leave due to how packed the shop could get. Daryl said that’s not the case anymore with a full barber staff.

“On the evenings and Saturday mornings, this place is packed,” Daryl explained. "Every bench, every chair. With two barbers, people are waiting over an hour to get a haircut. Now with a full staff, it helps the customer not have to wait very long.”

Praising her barbering staff not just for the quality of their work, but for the quality of their character, Meloni said she feels blessed to work with these people to bring an authentic barbering experience to the men, women and children of Midlothian.

“When you leave here, you’ve got what you wanted and your haircut is quality,” she emphasized. “This town, they’re a part of this. All of them. They’re a part of this.”

To schedule an appointment with Midlothian Blade and Barber, call 972-775-6222.


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX