Do you remember John Lennon’s 1970 hit, “Imagine?”

The tune was so beautiful, it could have passed for the opening doxology of an evangelical church service; that is until you listened to the content. The writer of the song beckoned us to imagine a utopia with everyone living life in peace, with no countries, no religion - no possessions, no heaven, no hell, nothing to kill or die for — just a perfect place of peace. What a great concept! Only the genuine, biblically explained Utopia eclipses anything John Lennon ever dreamed of.

There has been, for generations, a philosophy, a political ideology that is desperately pushing for such a “one world order.” Is there any credence to such a thought?

There are hints concerning this perfect world that is to come one day, which are found in the final book of the New Testament - the book of prophecy.

Very simply, when the final war of wars has been waged on earth, (Revelation 16:12-14), Christ will make His onslaught, riding his white horse, with the vast army of His followers behind him. (Revelation 19:15) He will instantly, with just a word, decimate the world system — a system, which has risen to a level of evil that makes society today look like a Sunday school picnic. Then He will bind Satan for 1,000 years, (Revelation 20:1-10) and the earth will be as God intended before Adam and Eve committed the original sin in Eden.

In this new Millennial Kingdom, Christ will rule — there will be no war, no sorrow, no crying, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion - at least as we know it today. It will be a pure Theocracy, so there’ll be no need for “religion” (denominations.) Because every person on earth who knows Christ as Savior, will live in perfect peace and harmony with Him - and with each other.

There will be a large population on the earth in that day, of many degenerates who obviously survive the tribulation period, and perhaps some who are born during this perfect world Kingdom, who are living in the flesh, and who are prone to evil. The problem for them is, they won’t be able to sin because the adversary (the devil) is chained, and there will be no sin. Imagine the absolute frustration and depression of those who are degenerates, living in a perfect world, without the capacity to overtly sin. This coexistence of glorified saints and mortals is verified in Revelation 20:7 says Satan will be “loosed for a season” at the end of the 1,000 years to gather his army and make one last stand against God Almighty. The degenerate “sin button” will be turned on, and their old nature will be unleashed so Satan can use them. But Satan’s campaign will be short-lived because God the Father prevails.

For the Christ followers, it will be a wonderful existence - no vicious animal attacks (Isaiah 65:25), no war, no hunger, no conflicting political systems, no turmoil, no factions — no sin whatsoever. People can walk the streets in the evenings without fear of molestation.

Now you may ask, “Why does God find it necessary to have this one-thousand- year perfect kingdom on earth? Why not just take us on to our final abode in Heaven?”

Well, I’m not sure, but I’ve often thought that maybe God wants to prep us for that ultimate, perfect, glorious abode in Heaven?

If you know the living Christ and walk with Him, you’ve just got to be looking, in wild anticipation for that blessed, wonderful, and genuinely perfect “Utopia.”


Paul Gauntt currently serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Palmer.