To the Editor,

Heaven was a busy place on that bright September morn,

St Peter was awakened by the sounds of angel’s horns.

The pearly gates were opened for this very special day,

The news had spread throughout, new angels are on their way.

These angels were taken by some very evil men,

Not knowing at all, their fate was to begin.

There were babies, there were young, there were old,

St. Peter had a list that was beginning to unfold.

Thousands entered heaven on this very special day,

Everyone was welcomed, nineteen were turned away.

On earth the turmoil had just begun,

Destruction and death had suddenly come.

God works his wonders in mysterious ways,

He needed those souls on this special day.

Not knowing why or asking how,

We moved ahead with our heads bowed.

We thank God for those who survived,

We thank God for those who died.

St. Peter closed his list that day,

The last name was called, he was on his way.

New angels were spotted all around,

Greeting family and friends on heaven’s ground.

This day will be one we will not forget,

May God bless those we never met.

Barbara Baty, Waxahachie, in remembrance of Sept. 11,2001