To the Editor,

I like to read billboards as I drive down the highway. It helps keep me awake and passes the time. I am Lamar’s and Clear Channel Outdoors favorite kind of driver.

But this week I saw one of the most appalling billboards hat I’ve ever seen on I 35E coming south through Oak Cliff. The message reads, “Black women take care of their families and themselves”. Then in big bold print it says “ABORTION IS SELF-CARE.”

The message is disheartening on several fronts. First of all it specifies black women as the targeted market for continuing practice of abortion. This harkens back to the founding of Planned Parenthood and its founder Margaret Sanger who believed that abortion was an effective method to control the spread of the minority black population in America. The roots of prejudicial hatred continues in the abortion industry after all these years. Over the years of legalized abortion since 1973, 20 million black children have had their lives terminated through abortion. The abortion rate for black women is almost four times that of white women. 36% of all abortions in the US were performed on black women even though 13% of the total population is black. 900 black Americans are aborted every day.

Secondly, I find the billboard message disheartening in that it says that abortion is caring. They used to say abortion is a choice. Now the message is that abortion is caring! Abortion is not caring, it is killing. It kills the life of the innocent unborn child as well as the psyche and emotional well-being of the mothers who have had abortions. The necessity of counseling and psychiatric help for mothers who have had abortions is well attested.

I am thankful that in our community there is a ministry to help women in crisis pregnancies. FirstLook is an outstanding resource in helping women with counseling, knowledge, care and support through their crisis pregnancies. Last year 123 women who came to the clinic and were abortion minded, saw their pre-born babies through the free sonograms, decided against having an abortion. The truth of seeing their own child convinced them what was the right choice they needed to make to care for this gift of life.

Every woman facing a difficult pregnancy deserves to be treated with care and respect. She should have all the facts. She should know that abortion is not her only option.

I wish we could put up another billboard next to the one on I 35E in Oak Cliff that tells the truth. “Women — take care of your families and yourselves. ABORTION IS NOT CARING.

Rev. Bruce Zimmerman, Waxahachie