To the Editor,

Good Grief....the City management continuously repeats "we have not increased taxes".....and eventually they are a little more forthcoming with a statement..."we have not increased the tax rate". Home owners know that taxes have increased significantly. Then if pressed, the Council will state "you need to deal with the Appraisal Office; they are responsible" . Well, of course, the property values are increasing. The council is just passing the buck; the tax revenue increases a lot from new homes built and taxed, new business's open and taxed, increase rebates to the city/county for state sales tax in our growing community. Increased revenue from multiply sources. Yes,..more dollars for infrastructure needs, etc. Just think though....if the property values did not go up, then if all is true about the absolute budget need for the increase taxes, then the City for sure would increase the rates. NICE, that they have the cover of the Appraisal Office. Sounds to me the goal is: GET ALL YOU CAN, Spend it so next year we can get more. Surely, as large as the budget is, there can be room to reduce the tax rate some. We don't run our households this way....from time to time, we have to cut back on things we would like have and in some cases really need in order to meet primary obligations (like paying increase taxes!)

William Rowe, Waxahachie