To the Editor,

"The bus we are all riding on needs fuel. Everyone pay their share."

"No, the cost of filling up the bus is ridiculous. We're only gonna pay what for our seats cost when we got on the bus, nothing more."

"But more people are riding the bus now. Thats why we bought the bigger bus. And the cost of maintaining the bus has increased. The tires alone cost more because we have to have bigger tires to fit a bus this size."

"We are only paying for what the tires cost when we bought our seats on the bus. And why did we need new, fancy tires anyway? That's just a waste of money!"

"The new one's are better able to handle the road ahead. Plus the price of fuel has gone up, the costs of tolls have risen, regular maintenance is needed, plus keeping the windshield and windows repaired and the airconditioner running have gone up also."

"But we don't need these fancy cup holders, extra bathrooms in the back of the bus and better flooring to get to our seats. All that costs extra money. Let the new riders pay for them. As matter of fact, since we have more riders, we want a reduction on the rate that determines what our share is. You know, the cost of the Twinkies and Dr.Peppers that we buy at the convenience store when we stop has both gone up. We need some relief."

"Don't we use those improvements? What we are doing is providing more people to maintain the bus to keep it going. And we have more people wanting to ride everyday. All at the same rate we paid last year.".

"We just think the buses are getting to big. And we are paying too much. Those drivers aren't driving the way we want them to. And we heard that they only listen to those sitting up front. Who hired them anyway?"

"Everyone on the bus hired them. They have seats on the bus they pay for just like everyone else. And if anyone has proof they only listen to those up front, show it. A great many of us on the bus know way different."

One's perspective depends on whether we feel responsible for the bus or if we are just along for the ride. If we see the whole bus, or only what's out the window of ones seat.

The bus is going to move forward. Let's keep it going in a manner that it can handle the road ahead.

Pass the budget as it is.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie