The nominees for the Frank Seale Middle School Beau Cub and Sweetheart Cub are in.

The school tradition is longstanding and was re-vamped by the student council three years ago to where teachers nominated the beau and sweetheart and the students then vote on the winners.

The Beau and Sweetheart Cub nominees exemplify kindness, acceptance, including others and exhibiting all Cub traits: respect, character and perseverance even when they believe no one is watching.

Each nominee answered a questionnaire so voters can get to know them.

1. Why should you be the Sweetheart or Beau?

2. How would you represent our school at the Sweetheart or Beau?

3. What do you do in your spare time?

4. What does school spirit mean to you?

5. Why are traditions important?

6. Favorites: color, food, song, movie, slogan, etc?

7. What is your voting slogan?

The winners will be announced at the Frank Seale Middle School pep rally on Oct. 9.