To the Editor,

Darn! If I had only spent the money on Nike stock instead of all that Nike merchandise I burned in that video I posted to show my patriotism.

And what was Ted Cruz doing in Washington D.C. at the confirmation hearing? Oh yeah, there were television cameras there. Photo bomb!

And during those hearings I had to check the channel to make sure I hadn't switched to Telemundo and was watching one of those novellas. Beyond the language, it was hard to tell the difference.

Best over dramatic role by an ensemble being indignate over a supposed indignation by an ensemble being indignate by a supposed indignation? Wow, it's a tie between the Senators from each party on the Judicial committee.

Quickest reversal by an elected official on seeking a farcial FBI investigation designed to do nothing but falsely show a feigned interest in finding the actual truth about a reported sexual assault when $130k won't buy some silence in order to salvage a few votes in November? Hmmm...let me think.

That's right kids, just when we think it can't get more bizarre at the Circus Politicus, the clowns come up with more to keep us laughing.

Except it's not funny.

Alan Fox. Waxahachie