To the Editor,

Do you have any questions or doubts about our current SCOTUS nomination and the Senate hearing methods? For me, there are too many.

Many agree it has been a battle royale!

It began with-the nomination Of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, by President Trump in July. The Judge is a conservative, which is what Potus promised during the presidential campaign. Any opposed to this were not on board. Some say they remained discontent because of Judge Garland's omission for consideration during Pres. Obama's term. But-remember there was an 11-month delay in a previous conservative nomination, by Democrats, because they stated it was an election year. For Judge Garland, it was 13 months til new President would take office and to Democrats surprise, it was to be Trump and thus, his choice.

Because of Kennedy's retirement this week, another SCOTUS had to be nominated, and from his list, Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh, highly qualified, with 30 plus years unblemished service. If approved, the result would be a 5 to 4 conservative slant. Thus, this is not acceptable to Schummer and his party, so the resistence movement rose up again. Both sides expect to wind up on top. However, as President Obama stated, "elections have consequences." But the battle broke out...42 days of intense Senate Hearing, private interviews with Judge Kavanaugh, many would describe as bombastic and beyond normal hearings from the past for Democratic nominees, but not, for now, SCOTUS C. Thomas, a Republican. When the time arrived to sign the cease fire, and vote, one side released their hidden weapon, a sexual assault accusation from Dr. Ford. General Feinstein chose NOT to reveal it to Chuck Grassley on the other side, and thus respect Dr. Ford's request for annonimity and avoid any spectacles. General Senator Feinstein was handed this note and in charge of it, but it was "mysteriously" leaked to the Washington Post. Hence, Dr. Ford's residence was surrounded by reporters, felt insecure, but, nonetheless, wanted to tell her story. A Democrat lawyer was referred to Dr. Ford, and she took a lie detector test that concluded it did not show deception; I heard it was just 2 questions, and the results and audio at the time was NOT forwarded to Senator Grassley and the Senate hearing committee. This info was NOT revealed to committee til Sept. 21, which was 7 weeks later, plenty of time for further investigation before voting day.

Consequently, Senator Grassley began an inquiry putting the utmost concern for Dr. Ford, and worked to accommodate her first. Since a fear of flying and claustrophobia was expressed, he offered to send a laison to her, across country to interview and hear her story. it was noted 4-5 extra days were needed for her to travel, by vehicle to arrive in D.C. OK. Under oath, on Thursday, she admitted to flying often, for work and pleasure, abroad extensively. She also stated she was not aware of an offer to come to her location of choice. So, therefore, her privacy was obstructed by the Democrats. Somebody wanted to put this in front of all America. She stated she had the lie detector test done after her grandmother's funeral, but when asked if she paid for it, "no," she responded. Asked, who paid for it, she did not know. Strange to me.

Her memory failed from a month ago, but her memory of 36 yrs. ago is 100%, she admitted to Judge Kavanaugh's alleged assault. The 3 witnesses she named, signed affidavits, subject to a felony, that there was no such occurrence.

Their secret weapon did not appear up to par. Yes, her story was compelling, emotional, as was Judge Kavanaugh's, but Dr. Ford's claim could not be collaborated, rather debunked by her claimed witnesses. I have a huge question about the handwritten note she submitted of the account. When does a Doctorate write a handwritten note, instead of professionally typing one to a U.S. Senator? Computers verify dates hand-written notes do not.

Dr. Ford was questioned by an appointed female lawyer, by the Republican side, to squelch comments about old white men addressing her, since they were told to "shut up." by one of the democratic female committee member, very disrespectful.

This lawyer was respectful in questioning Dr. Ford, to help her to be comfortable. Can anyone who viewed these proceedings say the same when Judge Kavanaugh was questioned? The questions were obnoxious, full of explosive mindfields meant to maime, defame, and knock the well-qualified candidate down and out. Why such adverse treatment? Because war IS ugly. There was only one goal, Not to rescue a maiden from distress, but to use her, to delay, delay and defame. Who can win this battle? One side treated the accuser with respect and kindness, the other was armed with the dark side against the accused.

Is this a battle for power, money, bragging rights or what? Dr. Ford had nothing to gain, til Go Fund Me accounts, of which there are 5-6 now have amassed a lot. Her lawyers claim to be acting pro bono. Judge Kavanaugh has SCOTUS in his sight, but at what cost to him and his 2 small girls? Its his good name and integrity that is his fight. How pathetic to the low lifes!!!!! This battle began Nov. 9th, 2016. Trump had promised conservative SCOTUS nominations and he delivered. So is this a threat to America? It is for the proponents of Roe v. Wade decision of 1973. The fear is a 5 to 4 majority in SCOTUS will eventually overturn this ruling because science is advancing over 45 yrs. to demonstrate the viability for an unborn baby. Many who are prolife base their position on biblical references. This position stands on a belief in an Almighty God who created all life and only He controls life and death. The dark side exists to discredit any Godly isms and place man in control. Often you hear pro abortionists claim, it is their body to control. Disregard for the additional life growing in their womb. Therefore, truth and respect are important to some, but not all. How else can they justify venomous relentless attacks, derogatory innuendos, and using Dr. Ford, as a puppet.

So Friday, Democrats achieved another delay, caused by shouting confrontations, doubt tactics to insist on a 7th FBI investigation. I hope this includes the questions I submitted her and questioning Senator Feinstein on her obstructive decisions.

Conservatism is the target and Progressiveism is the goal to suppress any other view's voice. The war continues. Who will stand strong and tall? Who will tell the truth? Who recognizes the truth? Who will accept it?

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie