The Holcim cement plant in Midlothian got a special state visit two weeks ago.

Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell, who represents District 22 and was recently selected as the chair of the State Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Economic Development, toured the Holcim plant to learn more about the environmental and manufacturing issues affecting the plant.

Jill Landry, LafargeHolcim regional manager of government and public affairs, said they were able to set up the meeting since the legislature was currently out of session.

“He’s very inquisitive,” Landry said. “We got him up to speed on the issues that could potentially impact our plant.”

Landry said during the visit, plant manager Michael Moser led Birdwell on a tour throughout the facility, providing the senator with a first-hand look at how the facility operates. They also gave him an overview of their operations and emphasized the safety culture of the plant

“It was a good visit,” Landry said. “He will definitely take the information he learned and keep it in his pocket.”