Jeannie Benner said Manhattan meets Dallas and then meets Midlothian in her Eye Candy salon, which cut the ceremonial ribbon at its new location downtown last week.

The Eye Candy Color Bar and Boutique first opened in Jan. 2017 in a 400-square-foot space on George Hopper Road next to Fuzzy’s Tacos. After she worked in that location for a year and a half, Benner finally opened the salon of her dreams in a luxurious 3,000-square-foot downtown location at 220 W Avenue F.

“I started there two years ago,” Benner said. “We started small, and I had a dream of always wanting an open concept salon. I had two chairs and a boutique, and I made it work.”

Benner said she has practiced coloring hair for the past 17 years. Married to a military veteran for 11 years, Benner said she had traveled everywhere in the country with her husband, Todd, throughout his service.

It was during her travels that she learned all the different ways to color hair.

“I’ve lived all over the country and done hair color in every single place where my husband has ever been stationed,” she said. “I can do Dallas hair. I can do California hair. I’ve done New York hair. I’ve done Hawaii hair.”

Benner said they moved from Washington D.C. to Midlothian in 2014 after her husband retired from the military.

“We had a little rent house, we got some property and built a beautiful home here,” she said. “The more I’ve been out here, the more I realize that many women around here drive to Dallas to have their hair done.”

Benner said she wanted to change that.

Her space is complete with 10 chairs, three shampoo chairs and sinks and a personalized kitchen in the back. She also has a massage therapist that started this week with her own private room in the back of the salon.

While the boutique specializes in hair color, she said the shop also does extensions, bridal hair and full salon services for men, women and children.

“I’m the most excited to be downtown,” she said. “I feel like I was able to get this amazing salon and make it my own.”

Besides bringing a unique salon experience to Midlothian, Benner said her goal is to unite the female business community.

“I want to bring all of the women that own businesses together,” Benner said. “I’m all about empowering women, whether it’s the hairdresser that’s across the street or the boutique. I feel like we all collectively come together and build a beautiful brand, and I think we can do that.”

Benner said she’s excited for the potential of Eye Candy’s new location, and she can’t wait to bring a little bit of Dallas down to Midlothian.

“We are something different,” she said. “I feel like we are bringing something a little higher into Midlothian, and Midlothian wants that. We are not your typical mom-and-pop salon. We are exclusive. We have a product that no one can buy within 30 miles. The women are already going into Dallas, so there’s no need for that anymore - we can do that right here.”

To place a reservation at Eye Candy Color Bar and Boutique's new location, call 214-704-3027.


David Dunn, @DavidDunnInTX