To the Editor,

T.G. midterms are history. Does the Lord have a sense of humor? Soon, our Congress will be twofold, plus Potus. So why am I so content?

Perhaps, acknowledging Republicans only loss 30 seats (after 40+ retiring,) instead of 60, and 60+ by past 2 Presidents. Gains in Senate, unusual from past political history, and yes, my prediction of post election upset is now in progress with voter recounts and lots of questions.

Yet, no anxiety, no desire to rant, sob, shout or fear. Now hope for compromise is up for the tasks at hand. Will we build our house together? If there is unnecessary chaos, the 2020 election will become even more clear to our citizens.

So why fret over cherry pie, I prefer blueberry myself? To quote a former pastor's wife, "why pray, when you can worry instead?"

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie