Three of Dena Clark’s children are off to college. Her eight-year-old daughter, Grace, often works on her math homework beside her. And at her own desk, Dena is usually hard at work on new woodwork for one of her customers.

Dena runs a small business, Clark’s Custom Creations, out of her own home in Midlothian. She works at a small desk near her Christmas tree at the front of her house, which contains on it her laptop, a few of her wooden creations and a sign that reads “Let the King of my heart be the mountain where I run.”

She said she had run the business for two years, but began crafting long before that.

“We are completely custom,” Dena said. “If someone had an idea, something they wanted that they could show us a picture of, we could do simple, basic wood creations.”

Although their main products are wooden signs, Clark’s Custom Creations has an ornament special going on through Dec. 10 for the Christmas season. Ornament prices start at $10, although they could go up depending on the request.

“Signs are our biggest thing throughout the whole year,” Dena said. “We buy unfurnished wood, and then we just cut it, put it together how it needs to be. If it’s just a solid piece, we sand and stain it. We design it on the computer, cut the stencil out and apply the paint.”

Her signs vary in both design and construction. One of her more elaborate items is a scrabble sign, which spells out the names of the family members whoever order it. In her dining room, a scrabble sign hangs on the wall behind the table, which spells out the words Ryan, Dena, Gunner, Jordan, Joselynn and Grace.

Dena said she enjoys working with the rough texture of wood. She said she’s especially proud when a project comes together with the way she envisions it.

“I just like the wood grain,” she said. “I think it’s really pretty and it makes a neat background. I prefer the stain over the painted. Seeing it from the raw wood to something that’s pretty. It’s just fun to work with.”

If you would like to purchase a sign, ornament, or any other wooden creation from Clark’s Custom Creations, email Clarkcustomforyou@gmail.com.