Corsicana business Nalco Champion awarded the United Way of West Ellis County facility a $5,000 NPO grant during their meeting Tuesday afternoon in Midlothian.

UWWEC provides services and monetary support to 24 agencies throughout Ellis County. These monetary funds are collected from businesses throughout the county as the employees make donations through payroll deductions to the United Way. Individual donations are also accepted and applications for grant money is also solicited.

Nalco provides safe, sustainable chemistry programs and services to the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. The webpage for the parent company, Ecolab, states that their company is the global leader in water hygiene and energy technology and services and that every day they help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier as they protect people and vital resources.

Executive Director Casey Ballard and board members Tricia Green, Clint Almand and Board chairman Alfred Vega were on hand as the facility was presented the grant by Denis Cole, Nalco Engineering and Maintenance manager, administrator Myesha Pittman and engineer Tiffany Nguyen.

Cole indicated that Ecolab encouraged the UWWEC to apply for the grant.

“Even though our business is in Navarro County, many of our employees live in Ellis County and we want to provide assistance to the surrounding counties where our employees reside,” Cole said.

UWWEC board members were elated to receive the money.

“We are super grateful to your company for reaching out to us,” Vega said. “We are happy to make this new connection and hope it continues into the future.”

Vega added that he, as a board member of UWWEC, was excited that the company reached out to donate money so a home could be found for the funds.

Cole said he was proud that his company provides funding to non-profits who need help to serve the needy in their communities. He commented that the company gives $45,000 each year to charitable organizations, including Meals on Wheels and The Gingerbread House.

Almand explained that the money received from Nalco would be spent in a non-traditional way.

“We take pride in knowing what is going on in our communities,” Almand said. “We all have full-time jobs and we serve on this board to try to find out the needs of our agencies. Our employers feel that us being on this board is very important to Ellis County.”

Almand added that the 24 agencies they serve come to them for help with training and how to use up-to-date tools such as social media to get the word out to the citizens of their communities. He also complimented Nalco for their donations because he believes more companies don’t do these things than there are that do.

Vega advised Cole that they would be happy to help them decide where to donate their funds in the future. He added that people want to know where their money is being spent.

Pittman and Nguyen, who lived in the hardest hit area when Hurricane Harvey struck Houston last year, were happy to be part of this presentation.

“This is my first year on the committee and I’m enjoying it and I’m happy to see what is being done,” Pittman said.

Green stated that in 2019, $320,000 would be spent in Ellis County as the funds are divided amongst the 24 agencies. Each agency is thoroughly vetted to be sure the need is real and also to be sure duplicate awards are not being made to them by another agency. She said UWWEC couldn’t thank Nalco enough.

Green explained that 99 cents of every dollar given to the UWWEC would go to help people in Ellis County.

Green added that the UWWEC’s Backpack Program would receive money from this donation.

“This program is the result of a dream from a local Sunday School class,” she remarked. “They wanted to be sure children are fed over the weekend, so they are provided with a backpack full of food to eat during this time.”

Plans are underway for the very first fundraiser for UWWEC in 2019. All in attendance at the presentation agreed that it was wonderful that companies and the United Way unite together to disseminate money to those who need it the most.