The jury trial for the 2018 Italy High School shooter was officially set on Wednesday in the 443rd District Court of Ellis County.

After denying the defense's motion for continuance, district judge Cindy Ermatinger stated the seven-day trial is slated to begin Monday, Aug. 5.

Charles Slaton, the defense attorney representing Chad Padilla, 17, filed the motion for continuance, citing a need for additional time for “extensive preparation for evidentiary pretrial” so he could provide “adequate legal representation,” according to court documents.

Slaton also motioned for additional counsel to represent his client. Court documents filed by the defense state, “During the trial of the case, the State will have a lead prosecutor and likely one or more assistants to assist the lead prosecutor.” Slaton argued that Padilla is entitled to adequate legal representation and that the defendant feels this can be accomplished with the appointment by the court of an additional counsel.

Ermatinger granted the motion for additional counsel.

Rickey Sipes, the chief felony prosecutor of the 443rd District Court, joined Slaton and Padilla in front of the judge’s bench Wednesday afternoon. Sipes suggested the trial should occur during the summer months so witnesses would not have to miss school.

“We want this to be tried as quickly as possible,” Sipes advocated.

Padilla was previously charged by an Ellis County grand jury for shooting a 15-year-old female student six times and also firing at least two shots in the direction of a second student on Jan. 22, 2018. Padilla faces charges for deadly conduct (two counts), attempted capital murder, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and possession a prohibited weapon in a gun-free zone.

Ermatinger previously ruled, on June 5, 2018, that Padilla would be tried as an adult.