Quick disclosure — I have never watched an entire episode of "The Bachelor," and after the premiere of the 23rd season, I’ve realized what I’ve missed out on, an excuse to learn from other people's mistakes and to finish a bottle of wine.

As the 30 bachelorettes were introduced, outfits were ranked, and the more genuine females were favored.

Erin from Plano is a professional Cinderella. She acted the part Monday night on ABC, arriving to meet 'The Bachelor' Colton Underwood in a horse-drawn carriage. She even left her heel with Colton after the introduction.

Does the Cinderella method really work?

Well, it turns out, that tactic only works in Disney films. Even if you think you’re going to find prince charming, you’ll be one rose short.

Another unexpected arrival goes to the sloth; who in reality is Alex D. from Cape Cod and loves life and cats, too.

When Laura, the Dallas Cowboys fan, arrived, I just wish she would have stood out more. The former San Diego Chargers tight end did not seem to be a fan at first. But seriously, who wore it better, Laura or Heather — who has never been kissed?

I will note, Demi Burnett — the Red Oak local who was first to be introduced to Colton and the one who initially stole him away from 29 other women — wore a yellow, two-piece “banana yellow” dress. Yellow is the Red Oak graduate’s favorite color and is featured several times in promo videos in the complimentary tone.

I also have to mention Demi’s face when Catherine — the Colton thief — said her dog daughter, Lucy, was going to live with Colton. Laugh. Out. Loud. I just about died, and it made me want to meet Demi in person.

As a Texan, I did question why Plano deserved to be named on television and not Red Oak? On ABC.com it mentions the tiny town south of Dallas. It just must be too good for television. #PutRedOakOnTheMap

Early in the show, the camera showed Miss Alabama 2018 (Hannah B.) and Miss North Carolina 2018 (Caelynn) in the same room for the first time, and I started to realize the more girls that arrived, the more I thought, “How weird to compete with other women, who are all so beautiful.”

Before my nerves could settle in anymore, the First Impression Rose was placed on the table, and the suspense and excitement was real. I had no idea what was about to happen or what this precious flower meant. Turns out even though Miss North Carolina had the moves with the first kiss of the evening, it was Hannah G., who made the best impression.

Hannah G. received the third kiss of the night, and after her lips met Colton’s, the two automatically cuddled up and squeeze in another smooch.

Colton wanted to steal a kiss from Cassie, but she seemed to play a little hard to get, and it will probably work in her favor in the long haul. Honestly, I jumped up and down when it happened as Cassie became the fan favorite.

One obvious tactic Colton uses is touching the leg of each lady. It's like it is a direct line to identify if a person is truly comfortable. Looks like Miss Carolina, Hannah G. and Katie showed their genuine spirits and were rewarded.

Ironically, Caelynn received the first kiss, as well as first rose and Katie, got the second rose and kiss of the night.

There were a few personal takeaways I learned from watching “The Bachelor” — confidence is key; ladies, listen to Colton; waiting to have sex is okay (and possibly sexy); be open minded with women; give everyone a chance, even if it is Catherine who had like four chances.

They say men worry about asking one woman on a date, and Colton has 30 in one room. I’m impressed with mostly everyone and can't wait to continue watching the "most dramatic season, yet."