The Midlothian ISD Board of Trustees increased courses for its growing student population while the district maintains its 96 percent attendance rates.

During Monday’s board meeting, the trustees unanimously approved to add 11 secondary courses to the curriculum. This, board president Matt Sanders said, is to increase educational opportunities for Midlothian ISD students.

The classes will include career and technical, advanced placement and dual credit courses.

“One of our larger focuses is to give as many opportunities as possible to every student,” Sanders said.

The newly added courses are not new to the district but are an expansion of what already exists. The Midlothian Collegiate Scholars Academy, for instance, started in 2016 and allowed high school freshmen to graduate high school with an associate’s degree. This year, eighth graders were included in the Academy, Sanders said.

While courses for students grow, so does the district’s population. Sanders said Midlothian ISD expands every year with 400-500 students. It is projected that about 10,000 students will be enrolled in the district by next year from its current 9,393 enrollment, Sanders said. This is a 1,657 student-increase over the past five years, according to the Midlothian ISD district demographic report.

Despite the growth, Sanders said Midlothian ISD continues to see consistent rates of attendance from 2017-18 to 2018-19. The district has maintained a 96.78 percent attendance with a 96 percent rate within special education and career and technical courses.

“So testament to the staff, to the parents for getting their kids to school,” Sanders said. “That was good to see.”

The trustees will meet again at 5 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18 in the L.A. Mills Administration Board Room, located at 100 Walter Stephenson Road in Midlothian.


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty