To make it in Colton's heart, a girl has got to be aggressive getting there. Red Oak local Demi Burnett has quickly achieved that.

Demi makes it to the first group date, and in fact, was the first to be named. She along with eight other girls went through a challenge where each bachelorette had to give a monologue about "a first experience" in front of 200 people.

Demi is last to give her "first" story, and I believe the producers saved the best for last. Some girls were sincere with their tales, while other strived for comedic relief and a couple were backstabbing. I'd go with a funny story if I were after Colton because everyone likes others for their comedy. And that's exactly what Demi did.

She was then rewarded with the first and second kiss of the night. That girl is definitely a go-getter, and she just got herself some Colton.

I have said from the first episode that Colton's magic number is 23. Even though Elyse was creative with discussing her age, I don't think she will go far. She is sweet and seems genuine and, maybe Colton likes cougars. Elyse received the third kiss of the night and a group date rose, proving at least one girl wrong — me.

Hannah G. is the girl that reminds Colton of home. He has told her that twice now. I see a genuine connection so Demi might want to look out.

Hannah B. gets a one-on-one, and it's her birthday. Unfortunately, there are no birthday suits. Miss Alabama can't even make a toast nor enjoy herself in a hot tub with Colton. I hope she goes home so she can save the viewers the awkwardness. The one-on-one date continues through the evening and continues to be the longest date ever.

The fact that Hannah B. would not drop the fact that it was her birthday and when she ran out of topics to talk about, she asked about Colton's virginity, did not make for good television. Just when I thought this was going nowhere, Hannah B. is presented a freakin' rose and fireworks.

Twelve girls went on the second group date at Camp Bachelor. The yellow and red team competed in three categories to win Colton's heart, and the red team came out on top. Katie got the fourth kiss of the night, and Hannah's honesty with her virginity got her a rose. Truth has taken their relationship to the next level.

Cassis the fan-favorite was given a rose at the end of the evening, and unfortunately, it was the first time for her name to be said. I hope to see more of her on Monday.

Things I've learned from week two of "The Bachelor" is how to approach another female about how I feel. Traci's approach to her discomfort about Demi toying with the rose in front of the other girls was tasteful. Don't be afraid to show that you are a hot mess because, in reality, it is your true color. Demi approached Traci later in the show after the Red Oak girl stole Colton to give him a massage. I thought Demi did an excellent job by complimenting Traci in order to give her some confidence back.